TV Room Wall Decor

Add some style to your TV Room with these unique TV Room decor ideas

Although function and comfort are critical in any TV room, for those who are truly design-inspired, a TV… even if it’s placed upon a beautiful media console… simply isn’t enough. If you want to enjoy what you’re looking at, even when the TV is not on, invest in some stunning TV Room decor accents.

Don’t just settle for any plain, old, ordinary TV stand

With the number of choices in gorgeous, unique TV stands, it amazes me when people settle for the basics to hold their TV. If the function is all you care about, the simple, black TV stand you can pick up just about anywhere will do just fine. But if you want something a little bit (make that a LOT) better, invest in something unique and wonderful.

Here are just a few examples of some fantastic TV stands:

Add some unique art to create a room that looks as entertaining, even when the TV is off.

TV Room Wall Decor

Sure, the room on the left looks clean & crisp, and – really – what else do you need to look at when you’re in the TV room?  It’s called a TV room for a reason, right?

But what do you do when the TV is off?  What’s left to look at except some functional furniture and a blank black screen? By adding some thematic TV Room decor pieces to the room, you can create a splash of whimsy to an otherwise function-filled room. And if you love movies… and I mean LOVE movies… what better way to show it off than by tagging your TV room exactly with its intention – TV & MOVIES.

Here are some really wonderful and whimsical TV Room decor pieces available that can easily add a touch of unique charm to the TV room, including:

  • Built-in Entertainment Center
  • Exposed Brick TV Room with Built in TV
  • Marble-Look TV Backsplash

Pick your favorites and mix and match to create a unique TV Room decor display that is all you’re own.  Here’s just one example of how these pieces come together to create a fun but elegant look for a TV room.

Add some decorative and functional finishing touches to your TV Room decor.

To pull the entire room together and create a finished work of TV room art, select one of these lovely accessories that are perfect for the TV or movie buff, including:

Remote Control Caddies

Attractive TV remote holders that will keep that collection of remotes from hiding when you need them most.

TV & Movie Themed Throw Pillows

A fun and fanciful throw pillow can be an easy way to add a little extra touch of charm to your TV and Movie room.

Decorative throw blankets

There are few things in life better than cuddling up on the couch with a good movie, some popcorn, and a really comfortable throw blanket.

Once you’re all done, get ready to curl up, relax, and enjoy the view. And maybe, if you feel like it, turn on the TV.

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