Turquoise Area Rugs: Cool & Classy

Turquoise Area Rugs: Cool & Classy

Turquoise Is a unique color. Because it is a blend of blue and green, and there is a wide range of blue-strong and green-strong Turquoise that fall into the Turquoise category, the final color of Turquoise Area Rugs color can vary greatly based on how it’s created, designed, and applied.

I’ve seen Turquoise Area Rugs that are much more on the blues scale and I’ve seen ones that are much more on the green side. And you’ll see the same as you browse through the collection of Turquoise Area Rugs.

Whichever variation you choose, either version creates a wonderful, cool, & classy look… when used correctly.

There is a Mediterranean feel to almost anything Turquoise, which is one of the things that I love about it. Which makes sense, since the name comes from the Turkish gemstone. In fact, the actual word Turquoise is derived from the French world turquois – for “Turkish” – because the Turquoise stone was originally brought to Europe through Turkey.

But there is also an ancient feel to Turquoise that creates such a unique impression wherever you use it.  For centuries, Turquoise has held a place of high regard in various cultures. Native and aboriginal peoples are known for using Turquoise in many of their jewelry and other crafts for spiritual reasons. Ancient Egyptians used turquoise-studded jewelry when they entombed their Pharaohs. And Persians, who brought Persian Rugs to the world, have always associated the color Turquoise with victory and holiness.

When it comes to home decor, a Turquoise is a very fresh color which is ideal for the home and Turquoise Area Rugs can be applied to a variety of styles, including Modern and Traditional decor styles.

Modern Turquoise Area Rugs

Wrought Studio | Paolucci Hand-Woven Turquoise Contemporary Area Rug

Modern Turquoise Rugs provide a crisp, fresh look in the home. From those rugs that are almost entirely Turquoise to ones where Turquoise provides a strong accent, we are pleased to present a wonderful collection of Turquoise Rugs for your modern home.

Traditional Turquoise Area Rugs

Mistana | Holcombe Turquoise Area Rug

Turquoise Area Rugs with traditional designs also make use of this unique and wonderful color, although often in very different ways than a modern Turquoise Rug would. In the more traditional Turquoise Area Rug designs, it is harder to find Turquoise as the primary color, and it is – instead – used most often as an accent color to provide a unique richness to the overall rug.

Looking for more Area Rugs? Art & Home has teamed up with some of today’s leading manufacturers and retailers of furniture and home decor to bring together a unique and wonderful collection.

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Jill Zarin | Uptown Lexington Avenue Turquoise Contemporary Area Rug

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