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Timely & Timeless – Decorative Wall Clocks

Form and Function Combine In Decorative Wall Clocks

Sometimes (pun intended) art combines with practicality to create something that is truly unique, beautiful to look at while also serving a particular – and much needed – function.  Decorative wall clocks are a perfect example of this fusion of form and function.

When selecting wall treatments, a wall clock is a solid choice for not only providing a unique accent but also for creating a focal point within the room.

The Right Design for the Right Time – Picking your Wall Clock Style

People sometimes forget about the design value of a wall clock.  Yes, they are there -in some cases primarily – to serve a purpose.. tell the time.  But because of that purpose, wall clocks do tend to get looked at quite often.  This is why having one that matches and compliments your decor is important.

Style, color & size are important aspects of picking a decorative wall clock.

You don’t want one that is too small and gets lost in the room or one that is too big and seems out of place with the furnishings around it.  And an ultra-modern wall clock in an otherwise rustic setting would look odd unless the contrast is exactly what you’re going for (sometimes that works).

For example, this simple retro red wall clock is the perfect accent for this streamlined kitchen.  Its retro feel fits right in, even though the rest of the kitchen is relatively modern in design.

Adding a Timely Touch to the Kitchen with Decorative Kitchen Wall Clocks

And this kitchen clock adds a hint of country charm to an otherwise very modern kitchen.  Despite the slight contrast in style, because of the colors and the rich and welcoming feel of both the kitchen and the clock, the overall look works perfectly.

Creating a Unique, Rustic Decor Accent Using a Stunning Wall Clock

Or, there is a range of fun and fanciful country and rustic wall clocks that are perfect to complement Farmhouse or Rustic decor styles, including this delightful Windmill-inspired wall clock.

Decorative Wall Clocks

To that end, three important factors to consider when selecting a decorative wall clock for your home:

1. What style are you trying to achieve with this wall clock?

Are you trying to keep in theme with the rest of the room, or do you want to add something slightly off-theme to establish a unique twist on your decor?

2. How critical is the clock’s visibility & other functionality?  

If you need the clock to be your timekeeper for important tasks, then make sure you go for one that is easy to read as well as decorative. Some decorative clocks do tend to sacrifice this particular aspect of its function for the sake of the visual appeal.  For example, these clocks… albeit visually stunning… do lose some the ease of reading for the sake of the overall look of the clock.  If you also need a clock that has an alarm, or includes the humidity and temperature readings, that can sometimes limit some of the design choices.

3. What is the acceptable operating noise level for your clock?

Different clocks vary in the degree of running noise.  Some – which are better in places such as the bedroom – run perfectly silent.  Others will have a perceptive ticking sound, which is not an issue in a populated room such as the kitchen, living room or den where other sounds will quickly drown out noise of the clock.  In fact, some actually seek a “ticking” clock because they find the repetitive white noise soothing.

When the time comes (pun intended, again) to add a decorative wall clock to your home the most important question of all is “Do you love it?”  Because wall clocks, more than almost any other piece of art in the home, will get looked at over and over and over again.  Make sure you love it, so that you will enjoy it every time (final pun).

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  1. Thank you for pointing out that some decorative clocks are hard to tell time on, so think about why you are getting a wall clock. About a month ago, I inherited a large wall clock from my mother’s passing. It has great sentimental value to me, but it doesn’t work. I wonder if there are clock repair services that could help me get it working so that I can hang it up!

  2. A decorative wall clock is the perfect example of fashion and function. It is best for it for room color-matched. It is truly unique & beautiful. When choosing a focal point for the wall, a wall clock is a solid choice.

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