Turkish Rugs

Without a doubt, these fantastic Turkish rugs will create an immediate impact on your home’s decor & design.

Many of these breathtaking Turkish area rugs are hand-knotted, limited edition or one of a kind rugs.

Turkish rugs are typically hand-knotted using a combination of rug weaving techniques that have been gleaned over generations. Many Turkish rugs actually use a combination of Persian and Turkish knots. These delightful cultural overlaps create a unique, globally-inspired rug weaving technique that is unique to this region.

Popular Turkish rug styles include the Konya rug, which emerged as one of the most fashionable Turkish area rugs during the 15-century renaissance in Europe. Prized then for its designs, colors, and superb craftsmanship, which are still part of today’s Konya rugs. Another of these stunning Turkish rug designs include the unique Antiqued or Vintaged Antalya-style rug, which takes a genuine, hand knotted Turkish rug, and then transforms and distresses the rug to create a unique and antiqued design, style, and color.

Curated from some of the finest online rug & home decor retailers, this collection of Turkish carpets & rugs is sure to inspire some amazing decor options.

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