Tribal Rugs

Crafted by true artisans, these warm and wonderful Tribal rugs will become a stunning addition to your home’s decor.

Many of these superb Tribal area rugs are hand-knotted, limited edition or one of a kind rugs.

Tribal rugs is considered more of general category of hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs crafted by the nomadic or tribal people in many different countries and regions including the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Because of this diversity, Tribal rugs have become gorgeous symbols of global culture. Based on the different types, regions, and history, Tribal rugs can utilize different designs, but almost all include some type of geometric motif and rich, warm, and vibrant colors.

The beauty of Tribal area rugs comes from their simplicity and the rustic, imperfect nature that is inherent in any type of true tribal rug. These types of rugs also tend to blend better with contemporary and modern decor themes, because of the geometric patterns and designs that are often used.

Curated from some of the finest online rug & home decor retailers, this collection of Tribal carpets & rugs is sure to inspire some amazing decor options.

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