Persian Rugs

When you demand the absolute best for your home, few things can match Persian rugs , especially when it comes to enriching your home’s overall style.

Many of these amazing Persian area rugs are hand-knotted, limited edition or one of a kind rugs.

Persian rugs are perhaps one of the most iconic and sought-after rugs within the overarching category of Oriental rugs. These rugs include various designs, styles, and weaving techniques by nomadic tribes, in village workshops, and by royal court manufacturers. Because of the varied past, and present, of the Persian rugmaking craft, these rugs represent different traditions, but still reflect the overall history of Iran and its various peoples.

After centuries of perfecting their weaving techniques, Persian rugs are considered by many to be the best in the world when it comes to quality, durability, designs, and dye colors.

Curated from some of the finest online rug & home decor retailers, this collection of Persian carpets & rugs is sure to inspire some amazing decor options.

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