Pakistani Rugs

When it comes to true beauty, few things are a match for gorgeous Pakistani rugs and their ability to add a touch of luxury to your home’s decor & design.

Many of these incredible Pakistani area rugs are hand-knotted, limited edition or one of a kind rugs.

Pakistan is renowned for its production of beautiful Peshawar and Bokhara rugs, which feature traditional colors and classic designs. Local Pakistani craftsmen often adopted Persian techniques and designs, and Pakistani area rugs woven at that time made use of motifs and decorative styles found in Mughal architecture.

Today’s Pakistani carpets & rugs include several well known styles and designs, including the Pak Persian, Bokhara, Chobi, Caucasian, Shal and Lahore rugs.

Curated from some of the finest online rug & home decor retailers, this truly wonderful collection of Pakistani rugs is sure to inspire some amazing interior design & decor options.

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