Moroccan Rugs

If you want true beauty, there is no better choice than Moroccan rugs to enhance your home’s luxurious style. Many of these breathtaking Moroccan area rugs are hand-knotted, limited edition or one of a kind rugs.

The Moroccan tradition of rug-making dates back as far as it does in any other part of the world. The early adoption of rug-making by native Moroccans is due in part to the varied and distinctive climate in the region, which – in turn – lead to a variety of rug styles, weaving techniques, and pile depth. For example, some Moroccan rugs will be woven very thick with a heavy pile, because these types of rugs were more useful in the colder locations such as the Atlas Mountains. Others were flat woven and much lighter, because these rugs suited the hotter climates found in and near the desert.

Part of the beauty of modern Moroccan rugs is that colors can range from neutral shades to vibrant hues, with designs varying from ordered geometric shapes to more free-form, expressive patterns, helping them fit perfectly with today’s contemporary decor.

Curated from some of the finest online rug & home decor retailers, this collection of Moroccan rugs is sure to inspire some amazing decor options.

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