Indian Rugs

There are very few design choices that can quite match the richness and quality of Indian rugs and their ability to add a touch of luxury to your home’s overall style.

Many of these magnificent Indian area rugs are hand-knotted, limited edition or one of a kind rugs.

Hand-knotted Indian rugs are in high demand in the West, especially in North America, because of their high density knotting. which makes them durable enough to last for generations. Rug weaving in India can be traced to the beginning of the Mughal Dynasty in the early sixteenth century, when Babar found the Mughal Empire. Under the patronage of the Mughals, Indian craftsmen adopted Persian rug-making techniques and designs. Typical Indian rugs use motifs and decorative styles found in traditional Mughal architecture.

Globally, the rug weaving industry in India has become very successful establishing a business model that helps underprivileged sections of the society. By tapping into the centuries-old rugmaking techniques, Indian rug artisans have been able to create a strong market economy while giving the rug artisans the freedom to craft their rugs where and when they can.

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