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Ottoman Coffee Tables Serve up Some Style

The versatility of ottoman coffee tables is one of the reasons that they are such a popular choice for today’s living rooms.

It’s not that often that you can find one piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes (a beautiful Daybed is another example), but ottoman coffee tables provide both a comfortable and elegant seating solution as well as a place to put important things… such as your cup of morning coffee.

Ottoman coffee tables come in two distinct types:

1. Coffee Table with Pull-Out Ottomans

These are designed so that individual ottomans tuck inside or under the coffee table so that they can be pulled out and used as needed by each individual.

Latitude Run | Janda Coffee Table and 4 Ottomans

Image: Latitude Run | Janda Coffee Table and 4 Ottomans

Not only do these provide comfortable foot rests, but many of these ottomans can be used for additional seating when you have unexpected company.

Examples of Coffee Tables with Pull-Out Ottomans

2. Integrated Ottoman Coffee Tables

These are singular furniture pieces that serve the dual function of being a coffee table and an ottoman. Constructed in such a way that they are both comfortable to rest upon (whether it be your feet or your tush that your resting), but also sturdy and stable enough to place a tray for serving coffee or cocktails.

Damien Fabric Ottoman Coffee Table

Image: Damien Fabric Ottoman Coffee Table

Usually what sets an ottoman coffee table apart from a normal coffee table is the cushioned and upholstered top, although often using less cushioning than you would see with a traditional ottoman… mainly because it needs to maintain a level of firmness required to serve the dual purpose of a coffee table.

Examples of Integrated Ottoman Coffee Tables

Whichever style you choose, these coffee table ottomans are unique enough and functional enough to become a focal point in any home.

These unique ottoman coffee tables are only a small part of Art & Home’s curated Coffee & Cocktail Tables collection. We’ve worked with some of today’s leading manufacturers and retailers of beautiful furniture to bring you this extensive selection.

We hope you enjoyed browsing this collection of ottoman coffee tables as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

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