Stunning Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture = Reinvented Beauty

For nearly 40 years, the practice of meticulously deconstructing existing buildings to recycle the wood into new and beautify pieces of reclaimed wood furniture has been building momentum and gaining in popularity.

Pieces identified as Reclaimed Wood Furniture have been crafted from aged, recycled (known as reclaimed) timbers which has been carefully salvaged to maintain their history and beauty. These pieces of fine wood were felled or harvested decades – or even centuries – ago, and used in building construction. When the time comes to demolish the old building, that wood is carefully salvaged so that it can be made into something new.

Here are just a few beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood furniture:

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Process

To rescue this antiqued wood, the old building must be taken apart – piece by piece – rather than simply bulldozing the entire structure. This painstaking work not only provides the basis for beautiful pieces of wood furniture, but it also adds a layer of history and richness to reclaimed wood furniture pieces.

Reclaimed and recycled wood furniture is growing in popularity because of its unique ability to preserve a piece of history in a way that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Because each piece of wood has its own history and story to tell, and this kind of old-growth wood is no longer available, each piece of furniture is absolutely unique.  That is likely part of the reason why reclaimed wood furniture has such an allure.

For certain uses, the reclaimed wood can be left intact. This is where you see large, reclaimed barn beams being used for specific installations.  Most often, however, especially when it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, the recycled wood is milled again so that it can be used for its new purpose.

The true and historical beauty of reclaimed wood furniture

Aside for the unique beauty that comes from reclaimed wood furniture, there are significant “green” benefits to recycling the fine pine, oak, hickory and teak woods that otherwise would have been tossed aside. Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture crafted means that new trees don’t need to be felled.

Reclaimed wood is also a much higher quality than the wood used in the construction of modern furniture. That’s because the recycled lumber and reclaimed wood comes old growth forest. Most of the recycled wood you’ll find in the reclaimed wood furniture pieces being made today dates back prior to modern construction and milling methods. This creates a unique combination of modern styling with old-word quality.

Antique wood is unmatched when it comes to its stunning beauty and the unique hues and coloration that come from the natural aging process. As the wood dried and aged, the oxidation occurred on the surface, creating a stunning patina. This is very difficult – if not impossible – to recreate in new lumber.

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