Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl | 34 Inch | SunnydazeRustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl | 34 Inch | Sunnydaze

Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl | 34 Inch | Sunnydaze

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Add a calming piece of loveliness with this enchanting Sunnydaze 34 Inch Large Fire Pit Bowl, Outdoor Wood-Burning, Cast Iron Rustic by Sunnydaze Decor Sunnydaze Decor. From Art & Home’s curated Fire Pits & Chimeneas collection, this item is sure to make a bewitching addition to your home.

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The Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl is fit for any backyard or cabin. The fire pit bowl is made from durable cast iron and is aged using an oxidation process for a rustic look. This process gives the fire pit bowl a look that is both classic and charming. The handles and overall design of the fire pit bowl makes it look like it came straight from the old west.

Fire Pit Features:

Rustic cast iron fire pit bowl for backyard fires, patio, camping and the cabin. Features durable heavy-duty oxidized cast iron construction. Includes fire pit bowl and leg assembly. Handles on side for lifting bowl

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