Northland Fire Pit Grill with Spark Screen & Cooking Grate | 36 Inch | Sunnydaze DecorNorthland Fire Pit Grill with Spark Screen & Cooking Grate | 36 Inch | Sunnydaze Decor

Northland Fire Pit Grill with Spark Screen & Cooking Grate | 36 Inch | Sunnydaze Decor

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Add a tranquil touch of splendor with the fantastic Sunnydaze Northland Fire Pit Grill with Spark Screen, Wood Burning Cooking Grate, 36 Inch from Sunnydaze Decor Sunnydaze Decor. Part of the Fire Pits & Chimeneas collection, this product is sure to make a charming addition to your home.

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This unique, rectangular “Northland Grill” outdoor fire pit — a caged wood- or charcoal-burning grill — with a trapezoidal metal mesh topper is among our best sellers. It incorporates a cooking grate that makes it ideal for BBQ areas on patios and in back yards. The appliance is formed of solid steel and durably finished in black for a contemporary look. A hinged access door in the side of the mesh topper provides easy access to burning logs and the grilling surface, and a tubular metal rail encircles the brazier, making it easy to lift and move. An ideal outdoor fireplace for patios and yards, this unit comes with a grilling grate, a multi-purpose poker tool, and a durable fitted vinyl cover.

Fire Pit Features:

Make outdoor cookouts easy with this fire pit with grill setup. Features durable 0.7mm thick steel construction with high-temperature heat resistant paint finish. Includes fire pit, cooking grill, multi-purpose tool, and vinyl cover

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