Culinary Creature | Blue Monkey | Kitchen Wall Clock


Install a touch of useful wall decor with this unique Culinary Creature Blue Monkey in Kitchen Wall Clock. Part of Art & Home’s vast collection of extraordinary Decor Accents > Kitchen Decor.

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Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?

This marvelous Culinary Creature kitchen wall clock provides a whimsical and wonderful focal point for your kitchen.

Crafted from reclaimed kitchen items, including forks, spoons, pot lids, bottle camps, and more… this wonderful wall clock is a joy to behold.

Masterfully crafted by artisans in the US., these pieces are unique — and they sell out quickly!

Some of these designs come and go before you can even finish saying “Oh, that’s SOOOO cute!”, so make sure you check out the current deal to make sure this item is currently available.

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