Amazon Prime Video + Chromecast

Amazon Prime Video + Chromecast = THANK YOU!!!

Amazon Prime Video and Google Chromecast now work together to let you stream your Amazon videos through your Chromecast device, ending a spat that had previously left its customers in the dark.

After my not-so-good old Sony Blu-Ray player bit the dust just barely outside of its warranty period, I struggled to find the right solution to feed my Netflix addiction. After a lot of research and a LOT of back and forth, I finally decided on the Chromecast Ultra from Google.

This was partly because I already had a Google Home Mini at home, even though I hadn’t really been putting it through its paces yet.

But now, I love the simple things, like being able to say “Ok, Google… Play Stranger Things” and it just starts to play! Or, if I missed something that seemed important, instead of having to fumble for the remote control I just say “Ok, Google… rewind 30 seconds.” and it takes me back to the spot that I missed.

Sure, it’s not perfect. It has yet to figure out what “Ok, Google… Skip Intro” should do. But maybe someday.

But, in general, the ability to browse what I want on my tablet, click cast and play it on my TV is a function that I all-too-quickly became quite addicted to.

Adding Amazon Prime Video to Google Chromecast

But then I tried to complicate life by subscribing to Amazon Prime Video.  

Amazon Prime Video can now be streamed via Chromecast

There were a lot of shows that I wanted to watch, and I liked a lot of things about Amazon Prime Video, except for one big miss.

I could not Chromecast my Amazon Prime Videos. That was, at least, until yesterday.

It seems that Amazon and Google got into a bit of a fight a few years ago and decided to remove each other’s services in – seemingly – and attempt to stall each other’s growth. But the real victim in this silly battle of the streamers was the consumer who wanted to use their services, but with the technology of their choice.

As announced on TechCrunch the long-standing feud between Google and Amazon finally seems to come to and end with YouTube now being available on FireTV and Amazon Prime Video adding the much-missed Cast function.

And it gets better for us Prime Video and Chromecast users.

Both of Google’s Chromecast devices will support Prime Video, but Chromecast Ultra users, like myself, will get a bonus of free access to Prime Video’s library of over 4,000 TV and Movie titles that have been (until now) reserved exclusively for Prime members.

Playing an Amazon Prime Video on my Chromecast Ultra

As soon as I heard that Amazon Prime video was now available on Chromecast, I checked it out and – sure enough – the Chromecast button was available and within seconds I was watching one of my favorite Amazon Prime shows on my living room TV via Chromecast.

As of yesterday, Amazon Prime has not been added to my Google Home app – so I do not yet have the luxury of using my “Ok, Google…” voice commands. But I figure (and hopefully I am right) that we are likely an App update (or two) away from that becoming a reality as well.

But at least now I can watch Jack Ryan or Sneaky Pete without having to launch yet another device!

And, yes, you can buy Google Chromecast Ultra on Amazon.

If you are an existing Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra user, you can checkout everything that Amazon Prime Video has to offer here:

Amazon Prime Video Now Compatible with Chromecast

Isn’t it great when we all play nice???

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You can now stream Amazon Prime Videos Using Your Chromecast Device

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