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Creating Cozy & Inviting Outdoor Living Rooms

Some beautiful tips to help you create your own outdoor oasis, with some examples of gorgeous outdoor living rooms including… all modesty aside… my own.

There are many things you can do with your backyard and patio. They can be used to BBQ, swim, play, sunbathe, garden, and so much more.

How you create your outdoors spaces will help inform how you utilize these outdoor spaces, and one of the popular ways to elevate your backyard patio is by creating an outdoor living room.

Think of this like a seasonal extension of your home, a place where you can sit and enjoy a coffee & a book by yourself, or a long and thoughtful conversation with friends.

5 Secrets to Amazing Outdoor Living Rooms

This was the approach I took when deciding what to do with my own back deck. I wanted something that would be just as comfortable and inviting for one person as it would be for a group.

This is how my outdoor living room wound up, what do you think??

My Outdoor Living Room

I love how this turned out. It’s pretty, but functional. And I spend far more time out there than I probably should. But isn’t that the point??

To help you achieve what you are looking for with your own outdoor living space, here are some tips that I learned on how to create cozy and welcoming outdoor living rooms.

Size Up Your Outdoor Living Room Space Before You Start

Using Outdoor Spaces to Create Outdoor Living Room
This outdoor living room has been framed off within a poured concrete pad surrounded by a pebble border, which perfectly matches the landscaping around it.
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You need to understand the space you are working with before you can create a truly unique and wonderful outdoor living room for you, your family, and your company to enjoy.

Things to consider include protection for the elements, access to electrical outlets, the ground (wood, stone, grass) that you’ll be covering, and the level of privacy provided compared to the level of privacy desired.

For example, outdoor living rooms that will be created under a covered porch can utilize different fabric and design choices than you would if you are creating one poolside where the wind and rain could wreak havoc on your decor choices.

This will also help you determine if you need to tackle any additional backyard DIY projects such as a gazebo or pergola while creating your space, or if you can work with what you have.

Make Your Outdoor Living Rooms Comfortable

Open Space Outdoor Living Room
I like the clean lines of these square wood patio chair and loungers. The entire area looks comfortable and inviting, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Some patio furniture is absolutely stunning to look at and absolutely tortuous to sit on. If you want to create an outdoor space that you will enjoy spending time on, make sure you factor comfort into the equation.

And remember that patio furniture can be attractive AND comfortable.

That doesn’t mean you have to go for overstuffed arm chairs on your patio or porch, just keep it padded and comfortable. Cushions come in very, very handy for this purpose.

Comfort also relates to having the appropriate amount of sun and shade so that you’re not baking like a potato on a hot summer’s day.

Create an Outdoor Room Theme

Coastal Decor Outdoor Living Room
This coastal themed outdoor living room uses streamlined but comfortable furniture and the right colored patio cushions along with some subtle accents to create a coastal escape on the front porch of this beachfront townhouse.

Sometimes, you can create a unique theme that matches your personal style, or something that suits the area your home (and therefore your backyard patio) is situated in.

Add an Area Rug

I love how this bright and vibrant outdoor rug pulls the entire space together.

An area rug helps to pull a space together and separate it from the areas round it. This is especially important when dealing with vast outdoor spaces.

Plus, a beautiful indoor/outdoor area rug can create a wonderful focal point in your design.

This is a great way to infuse your own personality into your outdoor living space. You can go funky with your outdoor area rug or remain traditional, it’s your choice!

Create Conversation Areas

Outdoor Covered Porch Living Room with Fireplace
This beautiful outdoor living room on a covered patio required some construction to install the gas fireplace and gas BBQ, but it is truly stunning.

Chaise lounges placed side-by-side may be good for catching some rays by the pool, but they’re not going to create the most inviting outdoor living room decor.

To create truly unique and inviting outdoor spaces, you want to group the furniture into conversation areas, so that people can gather and talk in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

This means facing chairs towards each other, as well as having places – such as an outdoor coffee table – in front of your guests so that they don’t have to turn away from each other to pick up and put down their drinks.

Use Nature to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Room

Using Nature to Decorate Outdoor Spaces
See how natural plants and flowers inform the design of this beautiful outdoor living room.
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Nature provides a plethora of beautiful things to decorate with. From plants to flowers to climbing vines and even sticks can be used to create a naturally-inclined decor scheme that perfectly suit outdoor spaces.

Add Decorative Throw Pillows

Beautiful Outdoor Living Room Sitting Area
Outdoor decorative throw pillows are a quick and easy way to add some style, flair, and/or color to your outdoor living space.

Throw pillows add both comfort and decor to an outdoor living space. The kind of pillows that you will use depend on how protected your outdoor living room is from the elements, but we highly recommend using appropriate outdoor patio cushions and pillows to make sure they can withstand the sun and rain that the outdoors provides in abundance.

Our don’t…

Monochromatic Outdoor Living Room
This super chic outdoor living room keeps the decorative accents to a minimum so the focus is on the fireplace and each other.

Granted, if you want to keep it super simple and monochromatic, that can work too… if done well.

But don’t mistake strategically simple with lazy. There is nothing lazy in these outdoor rooms, except maybe the house guests who come over to enjoy the space.

Set the Mood With Lighting

Outdoor Patio Decor Lighting
This gorgeous outdoor living room takes on the feel of an elegant jungle safari with the canopy, the chandelier, and the lush greenery.

Outdoor Lighting is important from a functional and aesthetic standpoint. You need light to see, especially in the dark, but the right (or wrong) type of lighting can make or break your overall outdoor patio decor.

Just make sure you correctly install any electrical fixtures to make sure they are protected from the elements, and you are protected from their dangers.

Add Something Unexpected

Moroccan Style Patio Decor
This absolutely gorgeous Moroccan style patio creates a warm and welcoming place to spend the afternoon.

It’s always nice to add an element of surprise to any room, indoors or out. This can come in the way of unique furniture, over-sized coffee tables, or a single beautiful chair.

In our case, we used an old hutch that had been taking up space in the basement for many years and modified it to hide the hose on the back deck. Plus, it provides some extra storage for things like mosquito repellent.

The Joys of Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living Rooms provide a lovely place to enjoy the warmer months, creating unique and wonderful outdoor living spaces for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy.

We hope this collection of ideas and inspiration have helped foster your outdoor living room dreams!

We’d Love to See Your Outdoor Living Rooms!

Contact us if you have created an outdoor living room that you’d like to see featured on Art & Home.

We’d be more than happy to add it to our outdoor living rooms inspiration gallery.

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