Wonderful Ways to Incorporate Nature Into Your Decor

Add a Splash of Nature to Your Home Decor

Adding Natural Decor elements helps you bring some of the outside world into your home and reconnect you to Mother Earth and all it’s beauty.

At times, we can feel disconnected from nature. This is especially the case when we lead our busy lives in the middle of densely populated urban centers.  But there is an easy way to reconnect to our more natural selves, and that is by adding a splash of natural decor to your home.

These elements of natural decor can come in a variety of ways, from adding houseplants to incorporating animal or botanical-inspired art prints to your home.

Wonderful Ways to Incorporate a Touch of Natural Decor into Your Home

  • Cute Animal Art Prints for the Baby'sRoom
  • Botanical Mural on Glass Wall in Bathroom
  • DIY Planter Boxes for Natural Decor Accents
  • Coastal Living Room with Animal Framed Prints
  • Cut Fabric Into Leaves to Create Adaptable Natural Decor
  • Flower Painting Provides Pop of Natural Decor
  • Add a Climbing Plant for a Touch of Natural Decor
  • Found Objects as Book Ends
  • Coordinated Plants & Pillows
  • Indoor Herb Garden in the Kitchen
  • Create an Indoor Garden
  • Kids Wallpaper Celebrates Nature
  • Create Your Own DIY Forest
  • Leafy Green Wallpaper
  • DIY Window Ledge of Plants
  • Mountain Range Backdrop in Living Room
  • Dried Grasses Make a Great Natural Decor Accent
  • Nature Infused into Bedroom
  • Embrace the Octopus
  • Poppy Seed Husks In a Basket
  • Exposed Brick and Natural Stone Bathroom
  • Tasteful Natural Decor from Animal Sculptures
  • It’s a Jungle in Here
  • Wood Table with Glass River
  • Each unique staircase is intricately designed, carved, and crafted to make you feel as though you are climbing up or down a tree
  • Continue into this unique home and the shoreline ends at custom-designed and intricately laid hardwood floor that appears to flow like water.
  • Fully Leaf It Up
  • Add a Natural Centerpiece
  • Natural Stone and Wood Bathroom
  • Use Nature-Inspired Table Legs
  • Natural Wood Accents
  • Painted Branches in Dining Room
  • Paint and Palm Coordinates
  • Create a Terrarium in a Glass for some Natural Decor on the Side Table
  • Add Tree Inspired Art
  • Reclaim Some Salvaged Wood

When I mention incorporating nature into home decor, people often think I mean overloading the place with plants that they’ll have to care for, adding animal print rugs on the floor, or hanging some skulls on the walls. 

Although these decor choices can have their place in the right room, as you can see from some of the examples above, it is far easier to add some subtle hints of nature without going full-on country cabin.

These small touches help reconnect us to the natural world around us. Although the options are endless, we hope these – some of our favorite ideas – have helped inspire your own way to incorporate nature into your home decor scheme.

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