Melissa Graves Brown: The Glorious Art of Nature

Florida native, Melissa Graves Brown is a gifted artist with a keen eye for color contrast, and bringing the depth of nature’s beauty to her canvas. She finds abundant inspiration in the rich landscape of Idaho, her current home and studio location.

Recently, Graves has been paining a series of landscapes, creating a body of work with an emphasis on imagination and attention to Nature. She paints mostly from a minds eye; however, is inspired by Idaho’s grand landscape.

Several of these stunning pieces have been loving recreated into gorgeous Wall Tapestries, now available from Amazon.

Melissa Graves Brown Art Tapestries

Jewel River | Tapestry Wall Hanging | 51 x 50

Jewel River by Melissa Graves Brown | Art Tapestry

Brown’s original, Jewel River, has a wonderfully magical sensibility, rich with color and light. A handsome, majestic tree stands proudly on the shore of a tranquil river, surrounded by glorious, vibrant shades of earth tones, greens, blues, rich gold tones, and hints of lush purple.

Dreaming Tree Red | Tapestry Wall Hanging | 52 x 51.5

Dreaming Tree Red by Melissa Graves Brown | Art Tapestry

Inspired by the landscape surrounding her Idaho home and studio, Melissa Graves Brown once again captures the mystical, magic feel of nature. Dreaming Tree Red has been lovingly interpreted and translated into woven tapestry wall hanging. Talented artisans have crafted a wonderfully woven interpretation, abundant with glorious, vivid color. From the lush, color filled blanket of the forest floor, to the rich greens and gold tones of the handsome tree, all the way up to the expanse of vibrant, deep red sky, this is a one of a kind wall tapestry.

Golden Grove | Tapestry Wall Hanging | 53 x 36

Golden Grove by Melissa Graves Brown | Art Tapestry

Golden Grove showcases Melissa Graves Brown’s talent splendidly, and provided an excellent original for the talented tapestry artisans to work from.. They have beautifully captured the gorgeous golden glow of a stand of sturdy birch trees. Bountiful in vibrant shades of yellows, reds, and earthy greens, all set against a brilliant blue sky.

For those who prefer to view Melissa Graves Brown’s artwork in original Canvas Wall Art format, you’re also in luck!

Melissa Graves Brown Art on Canvas

Melissa Graves Brown’s beautiful Inlet Grove landscape artwork arrives ready-to-hang as a Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Giclee that will enhance any home or office. A truly stunning piece, full of color and life!

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Blue Moon | Melissa Graves Brown | Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Art

Blue Moon | Melissa Graves Brown | Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Art

A full moon rises in a deep blue sky, framed by the golden leaves of a grove of trees bursting with fall color. This piece invokes a sense of warmth, beauty, and the calming influence of nature.

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Dreaming Trees by Melissa Graves Brown | 2 Piece Canvas Art Print Set

A gorgeous set featuring two pieces form Melissa Graves Brown’s Dreaming Tree series, brought to you as an art sety by Alcott Hill Wall Art. The Dreaming Tree 2 Piece Print Set is beautifully presented on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

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The colors of autumn burst to life in this extraordinary landscape by talented artist Melissa Graves Brown. Rich turquoise, warm orange, and subdued yellow blend together to create a wonderfully abstract landscape that invites the viewers in to enjoy the view.

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Season of Reflection | Melissa Graves Brown

Melissa Graves Brown’s love of autumn is obvious in this extraordinary and brilliant landscape. Two trees on an inlet are bursting with fall colors, which is beautifully reflected by the still waters below.

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Browse More Melissa Graves-Brown Artwork

Graves Brown has been painting with a freshness which is emotionally and intuitively driven; first thinking of color, then contrast as surface tones. She hopes to capture the interest of the viewer with nuances and subtle layering of paint.

Color remains her subject, only pushed into the shape of a landscape. Eventually, the painting takes on a life of its own.

She encourages people to user their imagination and be inspired by color, which is evident in the stunning works she creates.

Color remains my subject, only pushed into the shape of a landscape. Eventually, the painting takes on a life of its own.   

 Melissa Graves Brown

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