Luxury area rugs you (probably) can’t afford

Luxury area rugs you (probably) can’t afford

We all like to dream. Sometimes it’s fun to just imagine what life would be like if money was not an object. These luxury area rugs fall into the dream category, because – chances are – they are far outside of the budget any normal person would have for home decor.

Some of these rugs have a price tag that exceeds $100,000. Not very many people have $100,000 to spend on an area rug. Out of those who can, some still won’t because… let’s be honest… who wants to spend $100k on something people are supposed to step on.

Astoria Grand Blacksmith Hand-Knotted Wool Blue Area Rug

Luxury area rugs you (probably) can't afford

No offense to the dot-com billionaire who might happen upon this article. You are – of course – welcome to peruse and purchase any one of these gorgeous areas rugs to provide a nice accent piece for the 7th guest bedroom inside your mansion, or maybe your walk-in closet.

After all, you can’t ever hope to be on Real Housewives of Somewhere or Other WITHOUT a $100,000 rug in at least one room in your house.

Astoria Grand Hand-Knotted Wool Burgundy Area Rug

You can almost feel the luxury and richness of this $16,000 rug.

These Luxury Area Rugs are extraordinary, but extravagant

These rugs are truly beautiful, of that there is no doubt. So beautiful that I – personally – would be afraid to place them on the floor where they might get walked on, spilled on, breathed upon… the whole range of abuse that a normal rug might suffer.

I’m sure that there are people out there who have SOOOOO much money, that they wouldn’t even care if someone spilled a glass of red wine on their extremely expensive rug.

However, for the rest of us – the normal, everyday folks – these are just fun to look at and dream about.

And to that end… without further ado… it’s time to dream!

First, let’s start with the extremely, nearly ridiculous, choices.

Luxury Area Rugs with Price Tags Over $100,000

These are the kinds of rugs you will usually only find in the grandest homes. Not just mansion, we’re talking Castles or Estates. But, to remain slightly less pretentious, let’s simply refer to these as Manor Rugs.

While perusing these rugs, keep in mind that many of these are vintage, one-of-a-kind rugs. Therefore, someone might just buy one (or all) of them between when I published this article and when you’re reading it.

Should that happen, just take a moment to think about the fact that somebody out there was able to afford a luxury area rug worth over $100,000… and try not to turn too green with envy.

Luxury Area Rugs with Price Tags Over $50,000

These ones will set you back about the same amount as a decent new car. Granted, these rugs will probably last far, far, far longer than most cars. Therefore, while they won’t be able to transport you anywhere (no, they are not magic, and they do not fly), it may be a decent investment if you’re thinking of them as art for the floor.

These are what I would call Mansion Rugs. You just don’t buy these if you live in a house that’s less than 10,000 square feet.

Luxury Area Rugs with Price Tags Over $25,000

I consider these the Executive Class rugs.

By that, I mean that you don’t have to be ridiculously wealthy to purchase one of these rugs. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t recommend these for a struggling family with young children. But if you’re financially comfortable, you might be able to find room in your budget for one of these luxury area rugs.

I could easily picture one of these inside the home of your average CEO.

These rugs are also – more often than not – vintage, one-of-a-kind rugs.

Luxury Area Rugs with Price Tags Over $10,000

Given where we started out, you might be thinking to yourself… “Only $10k??  These shouldn’t be on this list!”, but – if you think about it – it’s still $10,000+ for an area rug.  Sure, these are very luxury area rugs, but still.

Although still predominantly the traditional Oriental or Persian rug, you can see some more contemporary designs from top-ranked contemporary designers show up within this price range.

It should also come as no surprise that there are more options within this price range as well.

In general, these would be considered Status Rugs. The kind of rug that makes a statement along the same lines as those who buy very expensive watches. After all, if you’re willing to spend $5k – $10k on a watch, it’s not that far of a reach to expect the same level of quality control for your home decor.

However, unlike those trendy watches, these rugs are often one-of-a-kind and can last for generations.

And there you have it. Really beautiful – but expensive – area rugs that you (and I) probably can’t afford.

Let me rephrase that…

Really beautiful – but expensive – area rugs that you (probably) can’t afford, and that I (definitely) can’t afford.

If, after browsing these beautiful, luxury area rugs, you decide to purchase one for your home; please leave us a comment to let us know which one you bought and how it feels to have that much discretionary income.

It will help us with our dreams.

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Luxury area rugs you (probably) can’t afford  Luxury area rugs you (probably) can’t afford  Luxury area rugs you (probably) can’t afford  Luxury area rugs you (probably) can’t afford

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    1. Hi Brandon,

      It’s not just about the material (although that does sometimes play a role in the overall cost of a rug). For these kinds of luxurious rugs, it also has to do with the construction, the age of the rug, the condition, the design, and other elements that make a certain rug more valuable than others – including, sometimes, right down to who wove the rug. You can think of these kinds of rugs as “art for your floors”. Some artworks are affordable, some artworks can go for millions of dollars. They’re both made of – basically – the same materials, but the price has to do with the art and the artist and not the paint and the canvas.

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