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Liz Jardine Art: An Investment in Style & Sophistication

There’s a reason why people want to buy Liz Jardine Art, her artistic flair and superb compositions have become a symbol of style and sophistication.

Liz Jardine was born in Topeka, Kansas but her art is not confined to just one region – it can be seen all over the world, from America to Africa.

Liz Jardine’s artwork is fascinating because of the variety in styles present. As an artist, she naturally has curiosity and perspective that changes with every painting or drawing; this can be seen throughout her childhood memories growing up near New York City where there was always something new to see on any given day – whether it be people walking past you while crossing Fifth Avenue during rush hour traffic (a sight which made for many sketches) or hearing music boxes playing outside your window at night when all other noises were muted by city life.

The young Jardine was captivated by the works of art and started to appreciate them in a new way. When visiting local museums, she would blur her eyes one at a time until she could see how each brushstroke was used on canvas or paper.

Jardine’s art is at once uncomplicated, vibrant, and powerful. The flavors of her palette are preeminent in the gilded styles; rich patterns with exotic textures make up much of what she creates for you to enjoy on your walls!

Sun Shower by Liz Jardine Art on Canvas

Image: Sun Shower by Liz Jardine Art on Canvas

Liz Jardine’s Early Career

Liz Jardine studied art & design at the State University of New York in Buffalo, but she states that most of what she has learned came from working inside the art business, as well as for interior designers, art consultants, and architects. She also credits gallery owners for helping to form and inform her career and her artistic style.

Image: Lascaux by Liz Jardine Painting Print on Canvas

I get to give a voice to how beautiful I think something is.

In 2001, Liz opened the Liz Jardine Art Studio, inside a loft in Little Italy. From these humble beginnings, she has built a substantial career in both commercial and industrial art.  Inspired by the beauty of what we see all around us, her artistic creations are now published by Seattle-based publisher Third and Wall and are available from fine art retailers around the world.

Her work includes custom canvases for interior designers as well as commercially available artwork for today’s modern homes.

City Nights, Gold by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

Image: City Nights, Gold by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

When you do what you love, that is such a rare gift.

Shop Liz Jardine Tapestries

Are you looking for a unique way to experience the beauty of Jardine’s artwork?

These tapestry wall hangings are based on some of her most beautiful and intricate works. These heirloom-quality tapestries are handwoven on jacquard looms and made to order in North Carolina.

With over 20 years of experience creating art, Liz has perfected her craft and brought her unique vision to life through these beautiful pieces. Each one is handmade by skilled weavers who take great pride in their workmanship, ensuring that every detail is just right before they send it off to you.

Inspiring Art

Jardine’s extensive travels around the world are one of the sources of her creativity. Her exposure to various cultures and art forms has led to her experimenting with various mediums, including the layering of metallic glazes, oil base stains and varnishes, antique papers, and create collages.

Petite Tiles II by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

Image: Petite Tiles II by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

 I am a world traveler, I have been absolutely everywhere! My most recent adventure took me to India and it was fabulous — a life-changing experience.

Art is in Liz Jardine’s blood. Her mother was a docent at an art museum, and – because of her own love of art – enrolled Liz in a variety of art classes. Liz clearly remembers being instructed at an early age to blur her vision when looking at a John Singer Sargent canvas so that she could “see” the composition more clearly. Perhaps this is one of the things that truly fashioned Liz Jardine into the artist she is today.

In addition to her early childhood exposure to various museums and artforms, Liz discovered that Broadway shows also heightened her creative senses because of the brilliant combinations of color, light, and fantasy. This love of whimsy is evident in nearly every Liz Jardine artwork.

Lily Pond Park by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

Image: Lily Pond Park by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

My drawings and paintings are my language; my way of connecting with my inner self and conveying that to the world outside.

The Inherent Nature of Liz Jardine Art

Today, Liz Jardine excels (and loves) works that are created in mixed media, although she tends to favor acrylics because of their texturing and form-building abilities.

You can also see a deep love and appreciation for nature inspire in her artwork. Nature’s infinite color palettes and intense beauty have been significant sources of inspiration for her work.

Horizon Line with Trees I by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

Image: Horizon Line with Trees I by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

To be able to draw and paint is really just an excuse to look at that which you are painting for a period of time. When you pick up a pencil to draw, you have an excuse to look at that beautiful subject for hours.

Liz Jardine Art

Liz Jardine’s art has been lovingly recreated in a variety of formats, including beautiful canvas art prints and delightful tapestry wall hangings.  Here is a sampling of those wonderful artworks.

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Experience the Joy of Liz Jardine Art

In the end, Liz Jardine makes no distinctions between her art and her life. She is always open to receiving inspiration, and on a deeper level, she believes her life as an artist has allowed her to explore and fully realize her potential.

Whispering Winds by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

Image: Whispering Winds by Liz Jardine Art Print on Canvas

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