Life Hack : Filling Coffee Containers

Life Hack | Filling Coffee Canisters

If you’re anything like me, filling coffee canisters is a pain in the tuchus. Transferring the coffee grinds from the tin can you get at the store to the decorative coffee canister that sits on the counter can be a grind-full mess. 

I love the look of a coffee canister vs. the branded tin can that the store provides, but getting the coffee from one to the other was tedious.

I tried pouring it, but that usually meant more coffee ended up on the counter than it did in the canister. 

I tried scooping it, but that process was slow and annoying – and I usually spilled at least 2 spoonfuls during the process.

And that’s when I discovered this handy little Life Hack. 

Instead of just using the can, I realized that I could use the can AND the lid to create a quick and easy trough for pouring the coffee from the can to the canister.

Life Hack: Use the coffee tin lid to help pour coffee into your decorative canister with less coffee grind mess!

All you have to do is bend the plastic lid (make sure you bend it with the edges down, or the coffee grounds will just get caught), and use that as a trough to pour your coffee right into the decorative canister.

It’s not 100% fool-proof, because if you pour too quickly, some can still spill… but, so far, I’ve found it to be far easier, far faster, and a far cleaner way of filling coffee canisters.

Easy as pie!

Using the Tin Foil Seal

As an alternative, you can use the tin foil lid that seals a new can of coffee and bend it into a trough for pouring the coffee grinds into the canister.

But be careful. The edges of that tin can be VERY sharp, so make sure you don’t cut yourself.

Less Coffee Grind Mess!

In all, this process of filling coffee canisters helped me achieve my cleaning and organizational goals by keeping my coffee in my decorative container and reducing the clean-up time needed each time I had to refill it.

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