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Home Office Furniture to Help You Work from Home, In STYLE

Working at Home Can Be Beautiful with the Right Home Office Furniture & Decor

When you think about the typical office space, the visual that comes to mind is often cold and gray. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Today’s furniture designers have crafted some truly unique and wonderful home office furniture & decor pieces that easily turn a dull & drab office space into a place of beauty.

Even though there are spaces within your home serves a utilitarian purposes, a.k.a. getting stuff done, that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring and ugly. This is especially helpful when you are setting up or decorating a home office.

Home Office Furniture & Decor: Hooker Furniture Telluride Executive Desk

Image: Hooker Furniture Telluride Executive Desk

With the addition of stunning office furniture and decor pieces, your home office can be as beautiful as any other part of your home.

Take for example the central element of an office, which is a fancy way of saying “the desk”.

You can choose just any old ordinary work surface to put in your home office or you can choose something that will be as wonderful to look at as it will be to work at.

Home Office Furniture & Decor: Hooker Furniture Southpark Writing Desk

Image: Hooker Furniture Southpark Writing Desk

OK, let’s be honest, it will probably be nicer to look at. I’m not sure if even the nicest pieces of home office furniture can take away the fact that work is still… well… work.

That being said, here are just a few other examples that we’ve pulled together of the beautiful desks that you could use to upgrade your home office space.

Beautiful home office desks

Image: Parker House Grand Manor Granada Executive Desk

But There’s More to Home Office Furniture than Just Desks

Don’t get me wrong, a desk is an important piece of home office furniture. Otherwise, you’re just setting up a library or den. But it is not the only important piece of home office furniture.

For example, you need space to store important documents, files, folders, or to tuck away your bottle of Scotch. You know… the one you open to celebrate the really good days, and to help ease the pain of the really bad days.

Image: Parker House Venezia 2 Drawer Lateral Fine Cabinet

There is no rule that you need to keep your important documents inside some unattractive metal filing cabinet you picked up at some Surplus Supply store. There are plenty of beautiful  home office furniture options that can enhance your storage capabilities and your style.

Here are just a few of those examples…

Wonderful file cabinets

Plus, we discovered some lovely decorative file cabinets on Amazon that we thought you might like.

Executing on the right Executive Chair

Now that you’ve picked a stunning desk and accompanying home office v, you have to know that just any old desk chair will NOT do.  You need something that fully reflects your place in the working world and in the home… a gorgeous Executive Chair!

Kirkland High-Back Leather Executive Chair

Image: Kirkland High-Back Leather Executive Chair

These chairs provide the look and comfort that you need to get the job done in style!

Lazzaro Leather | Timeless Bomber Leather Desk Chair

Image: Lazzaro Leather | Timeless Bomber Leather Desk Chair

Bringing Your Home Office Together with the right Finishing Touches

Last, but certainly not least, adding decorative accessories to your office can help turn an otherwise purely functional space into a spot in your home that you might actually enjoy spending time in.

Home Office accessories run pretty much the same gambit as any room in your home and can range from a area rugs, curtains, & other textiles to decorative accessories to wall art or a stunning wall clock that will help you track the passing of work hours.

When you’re all said and done, you will have created a beautiful spot in your home where you can do wonderful things for your business.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
— Maya Angelou

I think, in this case, success is also liking WHERE you do it.

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