Go Green with Organic Linens

Go Green with Organic Linens

Adding organic linens to your home, whether you are choosing kitchen linens or accessorizing your bedroom with new bedding, can be a great way of adding a “green” touch to your home.

Organic linens are created in a way that is in harmony with nature, using natural fibers from easily renewable plant sources that were raised in an environmentally responsible fashion. When choosing organic linens for your home, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturing process that was used to create the textile products. Choose products that are made from unbleached fibers, and make sure that any dyes used are organic and natural as well, since the fabric dying process using standard commercial dyes can be environmentally detrimental.

Organic Cotton for Your Home

Although cotton has traditionally been raised in the United States in a manner that is not particularly in tune with nature, cotton that is raised organically can be a much better choice. Organic farms have strict guidelines that they have to follow in order to insure that their crops are raised in an organic manner, and that the methods used to farm the land meet with the proper guidelines. Although cotton can quickly deplete the soil of nutrients, organic farms take care to replenish the soil’s fertility in a natural fashion, without the use of chemical fertilizers. Pesticides are also not permitted to be used when raising organic cotton. One of the advantages of choosing organic cotton products is the knowledge that you are helping to support the organic farming industry. Organic farms are often family operated, and by purchasing these products you are helping to support these small family businesses. Of course, cotton is not the only option when choosing organic linens. There are also fabric products to choose from that include hemp, bamboo, linen and other plant fibers, all of which have been raised using environmental responsible methods.

Choosing Organic Fiber Kitchen Towels

Besides the obvious advantages of choosing products made from organically grown materials, there are also other advantages to natural fibers when purchasing kitchen linen products. The colors that can be achieved with organic dying processes often have a soft and muted look that can add a decorator touch to the kitchen. Natural fibers are also much more absorbent than fabrics made from synthetic materials, which is a very good feature in a kitchen towel or cloth. Plus, choosing bamboo towels for the kitchen can also add a bit of added safety, since fabrics made from bamboo fibers have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Go Green with Organic Linens

Choosing Organic Fiber Bed Linens

Most people prefer the sheer comfort factor of sleeping on natural fiber bedding. As compared to synthetic fibers, natural fibers are cooler, more absorbent, and just plain more comfortable. The muted colors of natural unbleached and organically dyed fabrics can add a soft and soothing look to the bedroom. Plus, if you choose bedding made from bamboo fabric, you will have the added benefit of the sheets staying fresh longer, due to bamboo’s natural resistance to bacteria.

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