Giraffe Decor: A Gift Full of Grace

The elegant Giraffe has long been a symbol of grace. That’s part of the reason why giraffe decor – even when it is approached with a touch of whimsy – can provide a graceful touch to any home.

With it’s elongated neck, gracefully reaching up to the heavens, the majestic giraffe symbolizes wisdom, grace, and the ability to see things that would normally be out of reach of others.

Giraffe Decor: Cole & Grey Giraffe Figurine

Image: Cole & Grey Giraffe Figurine

In fact, according to Surviving Your Serengeti,  “The giraffe symbolizes the broad meaning of the word “grace”.”

“While some see grace in human terms as one’s elegance or charm, for others it’s divine in origin and represents that indispensable gift for the development, improvement and expansion of one’s character and the ability to rise above the negative events of time.”
– Stefan Swanepoel

Giraffe Decor: World Menagerie Giraffe Statue

Image: World Menagerie Polystone Giraffe Statue

When chaos starts to rule your life, the gentle giraffe also reminds us to keep our head up and avoid getting entangled in needless stress and worry.  The giraffe also embodies a hidden strength. Although often referred to as the Gentle Giant,  since they can grow to be up to 18 feet tall those long legs also contain a powerful kick.

Image: Katzer Giraffe Mom and Kid Giraffe Shower Curtain

All of these things are just part of the reason why people – young and old – love to have the graceful giraffe enhancing their home’s decor.

Here are just a few delightful Giraffe Decor Gift Ideas

And we also found some wonderful Giraffe Decor Gift Ideas on

Image: Giraffe Rosette | 44″ x 43″ | Woven Tapestry Hanging

For those who love all things related to Giraffes, we hope these Giraffe Decor Gift Ideas helped to inspire!

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