Farmhouse Tables: An Open Invitation

Farmhouse Tables: An Open Invitation

There’s something so warm and inviting about rustic Farmhouse Tables. It’s easy to imagine friends and family gathered together over a meal or board game.

Solid, rustic, and comfortable are all words that – to me – would be used to describe your typical farmhouse table. Although with today’s unique designs, beautiful and extraordinary can also be used to describe these wonderful tables.

There are five key characteristics that usually define Farmhouse Tables.

You can usually tell a Farmhouse Table just by looking at it. There’s something distinctive about the style and the overall feel of a Farmhouse Table that sets it apart.

Classic Farmhouse Table

Even though there is more variety of designs and options within the Farmhouse Table category, they all have similar characteristics that make them unmistakable.

Farmhouse Tables – Feature #1 – Solid Wood

Most Farmhouse Tables are crafted from durable, solid wood. Although the base can sometimes vary in design and construction material, there are very few exceptions when it comes to a Farmhouse Tabletop.

Farmhouse Tables – Feature #2 – Oversized

A true Farmhouse Table needs to fit the entire extended family. This can either be in the form of a large block table or one that has the capability to extend to make room for more. I also find that the best tables tend to be slightly wider than your traditional dining table… allowing room for plenty of food to be served family-style.

Farmhouse Tables – Feature #3 – A Well-Used (or Weathered) Look

Your typical Farmhouse Table looks like it’s been part of the family for years, and this is a good thing. Not only does that mean that it has the real, earthy look of a farmhouse table… but it also means that you don’t have to worry as much about the additional wear and tear that a large family can put on a table. Additional scuffs and scratches often add to the overall charm of a well-loved Farmhouse Table.

Farmhouse Tables – Feature #4 – A Durable Table Tops

An extension of Feature #3, for a Farmhouse Table to get that well-used look without starting to look like you picked it out of a junkyard is that it must have a durable top that can handle the abuse of today’s families without falling apart.

Farmhouse Tables – Feature #5 – Clean Lines & Modest Features

You won’t find an abundance of curlicues within the design of a good Farmhouse Table. Although there are some intricate carvings and details that can be added to these tables, the lines tend to be modest and very clean. These tables are intended to be used, not displayed under glass.

Color and shape are not, necessarily, defining features of Farmhouse Tables. I’ve seen tables in the darkest of stains and ones that are finished in a crisp, bright white that both have that Farmhouse feel. Also, although most (not all, but most) Farmhouse tables have squared edges… there are exceptions to that rule as well.

In all, what you’re looking for is something that gives you the feeling of a classic Farmhouse Kitchen, like the one pictured here.

Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

We love a good Farmhouse Table, and we assume – by the fact that you’ve made it this far in the article – that you do too. If you’re looking for a Farmhouse Table for your own home, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered a sampling of some of the best that we could find.

Here are some of our favorite Farmhouse Tables

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