Clever Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone Inside Your Home

50+ Clever Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone Inside Your Home

Adding Stone or Brick Walls to Your Existing Home

If you don’t already have it as part of the natural infrastructure of your home, brick and stone walls can be installed in almost any room in your house. From the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the kitchen, the living room, and beyond. There are few places, if any, that cannot support a natural brick or stone accent wall or feature installation.

Stone Feature Wall in the Master Bedroom
Rough Cut Stone Walls in a Vaulted Bathroom

Source: Decoist

Modern Stone Kitchen Bar

Source: ArchiExpo

Hearty Stone Kitchen


Deciding What Kind of Brick or Stone Wall To Install

I will point out, in case you haven’t realized it yourself already, that not all of the ideas you see before you come from natural brick or stone. Some are stone clad or brick faced. Some are completely faux, using brick or stone wallpaper or other techniques to create the look of stone. Although I dare you to tell the difference… at least from a distance.

This is a good thing. It means you don’t have to wait until you buy a house that already has an exposed brick wall, or try to demo interior walls in the hopes of finding an exposed brick gem underneath.  You can create the look yourself using a variety of available products and techniques.

Stone Sunken Jacuzzi Surround Bathroom

Source: Decoist

Modern Kitchen Stone Wall
Dark Gray Brick Bedroom Wall

Source: Molteni

Stone Wall Shower Stall Waterfall Feature

Source: Decoist

A Little Bit of Exposed Brick or Stone Can Go a Long Way

You don’t always need a lot of stone or brick to create an impact. Small accent installations can be extremely effective.

Stone Faced Kitchen Island


Stone Wall Backed Storage Nook


Modern Slate Accent Walls by Grig Stamate

Source: Grig Stamate

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