Erin Ashley Art: A Brilliant Fusion of Old & New

Erin Ashley Art: A Brilliant Fusion of Old & New

When you look at a piece of Erin Ashley Art, you might get a sense of something fresh and vibrant while at the same time being rustic and timeworn.

There’s a reason for that.

While Erin Ashley’s artistic style is very bright and colorful, she often draws her inspiration from pieces that have stood the test of time. This can range from old trucks with cracked and rusted paint, to dilapidated buildings to cracked sidewalks to old and rusty tools.

Circus Games by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: Circus Games by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

As in life, we all have a story to tell and I hope that my art will send the viewer into a beautiful journey of discovery.

Her work often focuses on both the texture and the layers of color that can be found in old objects and finding a way to fuse it with a new and fresh vision.

Urban Poetry I by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: Urban Poetry I by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

I am inspired by things that are often overlooked, like the beauty that emanates from an object changed by time.

Erin Ashley’s Art Career

There’s an old saying… Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. In Erin Ashley’s case, it might be more appropriate to say that she tripped into greatness.

Although she always seemed to have a creative flair, Erin Ashley never intended on becoming an artist. Her early career included stints in fashion, acting, and photography. She took up painting as a hobby but discovered a love for art that fulfilled her like nothing else had ever done.

Bourbon Street by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: Bourbon Street by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

I never thought I could paint, never even thought about becoming an artist, but when I tried painting for the very first time, I was hooked.

Her first foray into the early stages of an art career took place at a local outdoor art festival. Nervous because she had never shown her work in public before, she was surprised when she quickly sold 8 paintings in the first hour. And so began the illustrious art career of Erin Ashley.

Hill Street Blues by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: Hill Street Blues by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

My career as an artist was unexpected and surprising. It was one of those things that felt so right and so natural that I knew this was what I was meant to do in life and I love it.

Color Your World with Erin Ashley

One thing that strikes me most about Erin Ashley paintings is her use of color. Many of her pieces have an absolutely vibrancy about them that help them pop off the canvas. Her color palette is varied but rarely somber.

There are certainly exceptions to this within her career, including several pieces in stark black and white, but more often than not, she employees lively and vital colors in her artwork.

Metromix XXVII by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas 

Image: Metromix XXVII by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas 

I often find myself studying color found in my surrounding, rusty old trains, the sidewalk or even the beauty found in a butterfly’s wings.

Unexpected Art from an Unexpected Artists

As with her career, Erin Ashley’s paintings bring a fresh and often unexpected perspective to the world around us. Although inspired by objects she discovers around her, she does not use them to create a template for the finished art piece.

In fact, Erin says that she often has no idea what the piece is going to look like until it’s finished, and she admits that sometimes she even has trouble knowing when a piece is truly done, and often has to step away from the studio in order to take a look at the piece with fresh eyes before deciding.

Crossroad 44 by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: Crossroad 44 by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

I begin my work without any preconceived idea of what the finished work is going to look like.

If you look closely at each piece, there almost seems to be a story buried deep beneath the brushstrokes. Like she is trying to reveal the past glories, failures, heartaches, and joys of the object that inspired her.

Score by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: Score by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

It is important to me that each piece I create reveals a bit of history hidden within.

Collecting Artworks by Erin Ashley

Erin Ashley’s artwork has appeared in several galleries throughout the US and around the world. She has also commissioned pieces for fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner and other commercial buildings, restaurants, resorts and many other prestigious companies, architects and interior designers worldwide.

Tuscan of Dawn by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

Image: Tuscan of Dawn by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

What I enjoy most about being an artist is the freedom to express myself to share my creations with others.

But her true joy seems to come from the individual pieces that she creates and how they impact people’s lives.

Red Sky Tide by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: Red Sky Tide by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

When I have clients say to me how my work has touched them, inspired them and made their homes feel like a home that is what I love most about being an artist.

Erin Ashley Contemporary Art

Erin Ashley’s artwork is available as canvas art prints from several fine art publishers and retailers. We have partnered with some of these to bring your this truly unique and wonderful collection.

Here are just a few of the delightful pieces in the Erin Ashley Collection.

Browse our complete collection of Erin Ashley Art  >>

Erin Ashley: Blessed Artist, Wife, and Mother

Today, Erin Ashley lives in Florida with her husband, two children and their dog Toby. She feels blessed by the life and the career that she has built and encourages others to go out and find their true passions.

City on my Mind by Erin Ashley Art Print on Canvas

Image: City on my Mind by Erin Ashley Print on Canvas

Painting is my passion, that is my freedom, and the freedom is my voice that shows through my work.


Erin Ashley herself reached out to let us know how much she enjoyed the feature article we did. What an amazing compliment!!!

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for the beautiful artist feature you did of me – I loved it!
I wish you all the best,
Erin Ashley


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