Elegant Wall Mirrors

Friday Finds: Elegant Wall Mirrors that Create an Impact

Mirror, mirror… on the wall… who has the most elegant wall mirrors of them all?

Elegant Wall Mirrors, quite literally, reflect your personal style and decor aesthetic. The right wall mirror in the right spot (or the wrong wall mirror in the wrong spot) can make or break your overall decor.

Wall mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  Here, we are focusing on elegant wall mirrors, especially those with a dramatic enough of a flare to create a stunning visual impact.

However, in my opinion, an elegant wall mirror does not have to be old fashioned.  There are several classifications of “elegance” in today’s modern decor marketplace, and today we will explore three of them… as they relate to wall mirrors.

Classically Elegant Wall Mirrors

When you picture a person as being from “Old Money”, you can probably imagine them standing in front of a mirror like one of these.

Elegant Wall Mirrors | Astoria Grand | Leppert XV Mirror

Image: Astoria Grand | Leppert XV Mirror | Black 

An absolutely striking specimen. The combination of the richly detailed carvings with the stark black framework would make this piece stand out in almost any decor setting.

Understated Elegance Wall Mirrors

While retaining their overall elegance, these wall mirrors take a step back from the opulent edge and tend to lean more toward an understated elegance. The designs can still be stunningly beautiful, but they do tend to be a touch subtler.

They are the kinds of pieces you would not be surprised to find inside a well decorated Manor Home.

Elegant Wall Mirrors | Aidan Gray | Bilzen Accent Mirror

Image: Aidan Gray | Bilzen Accent Mirror

Part of the Aidan Gray line, which represents designer Randal Weeks’s love for interiors, design and authentic products that exude “European Grandeur.”

Elegant Wall Mirrors | Astoria Grand | Ornamental Stately Wall Mirror

Image: Astoria Grand | Ornamental Stately Wall Mirror

I can easily picture this stunning mirror in the front entryway or dining room of a grand manor home. I love the color combinations and the strong detail work. Absolutely gorgeous!

Modern Elegance Wall Mirrors

For those with a contemporary design flair, there are still PLENTY of elegant options to choose from. In these marvelous pieces, the detailing may be reduced dramatically, but there’s an elegant flair in their presentation and style.

These are your modern mansion pieces, at home in today’s leading edge architectural houses.

Modern Elegance Wall Mirrors | ARTERIORS Home | Prescott Wall Mirror

Image: ARTERIORS Home | Prescott Wall Mirror

Designed by ARTERIORS this metal wall mirror creates an elegant visual impact. The multitude of individual metal sticks create a sunburst effect that is magical to behold.

Modern Elegance Wall Mirrors | Astoria Grand | Bambridge Round Wall Mirror

Image: Astoria Grand | Bambridge Round Wall Mirror

This unique mirror features an elegant, scratched silver center with heavily antiqued inner and outer rims over a mahogany undercoat. The contrasts create a uniquely modern, but elegant finish.

Looking for even more Decorative Mirrors? At Art & Home, we’ve teamed up with some of today’s leading manufacturers and retailers of beautiful Wall & Accent Mirrors to bring together a unique and wonderful collection.

Elegant Wall Mirrors | Uttermost Argenton Arch Mirror in Aged Gray
Image: Uttermost Argenton Arch Mirror in Aged Gray

The Elegant Wall Mirrors shown above are just a small sampling of Art & Home’s complete Wall & Accent Mirrors collection.

We hope you enjoyed browsing this collection of Elegant Wall Mirrors as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

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