Creative Ways to Serve Fruit

25 Amazing & Easy Summer Fruit Dishes

Having guests over and want to serve a healthy appetizer, snack tray, or dessert? Here are some amazing & easy summer fruit dishes.

Summer Berry Quark

Summer Berry Quark Fruit Dish

Quark is a unique (and sometimes difficult to find) cheese that originated in Germany, but is also very popular in Scandinavian countries.

Some specialty stores in the US sometimes carry Quark, but – if you can’t find it – you can substitute a mixture of equal parts Greek yogurt & plain or vanilla Kefir. This Summer Berry Quark is a wonderful dessert for summer time, but can also be served year round.

A Peary Cute Hedgehog

DIY Healthy Hedgehog Pears and Grapes

Source: Good Housekeeping

Get crafty with some toothpicks, a pear, some grapes, an olive, and a couple of cloves and you’ve got this deliciously crafty, healthy edible.

Baby Banana Dolphins

Baby Banana Dolphins

So cute, and so easy. Simply slices the stem to create a beak and insert a piece of fresh fruit in the “dolphin’s” mouth. You can serve these in a glass with some grapes, or choose your own way to display these delightful fruit creatures.

Personally, I think these look like Baby Banana Dolphins, but others have commented that they look more like baby birds (although I feel like they’d wings to be birds, but maybe that’s just me). Whichever you choose, they are super cute!

Tropical Fruit Plate

Tropical Summer Fruit Plate


Get crafty with some kiwi, bananas, and tangerines (or clementines), and you have this beach themed tropical fruit plate that everyone will love.

Chocolate Banana Penguins

Chocolate Banana Penguins

Source: Food Network

Sooooooo adorable!!!! Simply dip the bananas in melted chocolate and then adorn with edible decorations.

Watermelon Cut Outs

Watermelon Cut Outs Easy Summer Fruit Dish

Use Cookie cutters to cut shapes out of slices of watermelon and then fill them with whatever other kind of fresh fruit you want. So appetizing, visually and gastronomically.

Cookie Cutter Watermelon

Cookie Cutter Watermelon

Another way to use watermelons and a cookie cutter. Simple cut out various shapes and arrange them on a platter. Sprinkle in some other fruits for additional color and flavor.

Somewhere, Over the Fruit Rainbow

Summer Fruit Rainbow


A little slicing. A bit of dicing. And some whip cream clouds…. suddenly, you have your very own edible fruit rainbow!

A Tea Cup of Raspberries

Tea Cup of Raspberries

Hulled raspberries in a classic white tea cup is a lovely and unique way to serve a fresh fruit desert. Feel free to have cream and sugar on hand for those who would like to add some to their “raspberry tea”.

Coconut Sprinkled Fruit

Coconut Sprinkled Summer Fruit

This platter is so simple and easy to make, but adding the coconut makes it just that much more spectacular.

Sliced Summer Strawberry Flower

Sliced Summer Strawberry Flower

Summer Strawberries are so delicious on their own, sometimes you don’t need much else. To create this fun display, simple slice 4 large strawberries in half and place them around the outside of a medium sized bowl.

Place one strawberry in the middle and you have a Strawberry Flower.

Blueberries by the Pitcher

Blueberries by the Pitcher

Sometimes the trick to one of these unique and easy summer fruit dishes is the dish! Place cleaned blueberries in a decorative pitcher and let people pour their own dessert. A lovely creamer and sugar bowl can be kept on hand for those who would like it.

Fruity Rubik’s Cube

Summer Fruit Rubik's Cube


You can pick whatever fruit you want to make this delicious edible game, just make sure it’s colorful!

Fruit & Cheese Rubik’s Cube

Fruit and Cheese Rubik's Cube

Source: dot com Women

For a variation on the Rubick’s easy summer fruit dishes theme, you can use cheese as one (or more) of the cube options to create a unique fruit and cheese plate.