Earth Tone Area Rugs - Warm & Rich

Earth Tone Area Rugs – Warm & Rich

If you’re looking for something warm and earthy for your floor coverings, earth tone area rugs are an excellent choice. Many of today’s popular earth tones originally come from early clay pigments, including ochre, umber, sienna, and more.

Earth tones can include a wide range of colors, but this color scheme gets its name because most of these colors are inspired by the earth itself, or what are known as “natural colors”. These are the colors which are found in nature, from the dark brown of fresh soil, to the soft green of a leaf, but can also include the bright yellow, orange, and reds of the various stages of sunrise to sunset.  Together or alone, these colors tend to create a warm, friendly atmosphere which feels at home with the world around it.

Some also think of earth tones as referring more generally to “neutral colors”, which tend to be muted and flat. Although these tones, usually including light browns and tans, can be included into the mix of earth tones, for earth tone area rugs a richer color palette is usually suggested.

From warm, rich brown to soft and subtle beige to a fiery red, earth tones can be subtle or bold, depending on how you use them.

Plus, earth tone area rugs provide a specific warmth and richness that is unique to both the depth of texture than a stunning area rug provides, as well as the visual warmth of the colors infused into the fabrics.

75 of the finest earth tone area rugs
Looking for something warm & earthy for your floor coverings? Earth tone area rugs are an excellent choice. Browse 75 of the finest earth tone area rugs.

Some of these area rugs are one-of-a-kind, and others are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, use the “Unlock Current Deal” button to discover more about these rugs, check availability, and discover the pricing options.

These earth tone area rugs are just a selection from our collection of thousands of beautiful area rugs.  We’ve teamed up with some of today’s leading retailers of area rugs and home decor products to create this wonderful collection.

We hope you enjoyed perusing this curated collection of earth tone area rugs as much as we enjoyed presenting it!

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