Best DIY Projects for Your Backyard, Patio, or Garden

Cool DIY Projects for Your Backyard, Patio, or Garden

One of the things I love most about my job at Art & Home is finding inspiration from that beautiful and brilliant people across the country and around the world.

It is amazing how small touches can make such a big difference in the garden, or on the patio.

Whether you are currently in the thick of gardening season, or are reading this in order to plan ahead for the next set of projects you want to tackle, you are sure to find some amazing DIY Backyard Ideas that are sure to inspire!

It doesn’t take a lot to take your backyard living from good to great, and we hope these DIY backyard ideas help!

DIY BBQ Tool Set Holder

DIY Backyard Ideas |  BBQ Tool Set Holder

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Keep you BBQ tools handy by the grill with this decorative and rustic DIY BBQ Tool holder. All you need are some fence panels, paint, aging solution (steel wool and distilled white vinegar), screws, some vinyl to cut our your letters, and some tap knobs. And, of course, the BBQ tool set itself.

DIY Garden Inukshuk

DIY Garden Inukshuk

An Inukshuk is a man made Native American stone landmark originally built as “helpers” by the Native peoples of the Arctic region of North America. They were used as an important part of their navigation, often denoting specific hunting grounds, or as a marker of a food cache.

Using a variety of flat stones in the general shape of a person, the Inukshuk symbolizes signifies safety, hope and friendship.

DIY Pebble Stepping Stones

DIY Backyard Ideas |  Pebble Stepping Stones


Create your own beautiful garden stepping stones using pebbles of differing sizes and colors.

This is detailed and painstaking work, but the end result is spectacular!

DIY Garden Toadstools

DIY Backyard Ideas | Garden Toadstools


These fun garden-themed stools are perfect for adding a bit of functional decor to your backyard using some old logs and upcycled wood salad bowls.

DIY Sand Cast Birdbath

 DIY Sand Cast Birdbath

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Pull a large leaf from your garden and use it to cast a delightful, one-of-a-kind bird bath for your backyard.

Criss Cross Gardens

Criss Cross Gardens

Found on Pinterest

I like this unusual approach of letting the walking path flow in and then out of a river rock garden. It really helps create that welcoming flow into the lovely gazebo at the back of the yard.

DIY Yard Yahtzee Dice

DIY Garden Projects |  Yard Yahtzee Dice

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Looking for a fun DIY Backyard project that can also provide hours of Backyard fun? With a few blocks of wood and some wood burning tools, these easy-to-make DIY Yard Yahtzee Dice can provide lots of outdoor fun for the whole family!

DIY Painted Stone Garden Markers

DIY Garden Projects | Painted Stone Garden Markers

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If you have a bit of an artistic flair, you can use it to create these adorable garden markers. All you need is some found rocks, gouache or acrylic paints, and some outdoor varnish to protect your finished works of garden art from the elements.

DIY Cracked Log Garden Lights

DIY Cracked Log Garden Lights

Based on the idea found here

A beautiful way to recycle some fallen trees into natural and rustic garden lights, providing a unique and functional accent to your backyard.

These designs, created by Duncan Meerding, could be recreated in DIY fashion with a little bit of trial and error.

All you need to do is hollow out the stumps (if not hollowed out by nature) and then split them enough to allow the light from a low voltage or solar light set (you’d need the kind where the charger is strung separately so that it is not shadowed by the log) to shine throw. And, if you accidentally split the logs all the way… just add them to the pile for the fire pit!

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DIY Cast Concrete Leaf Stepping Stones

DIY Garden Projects |  Cast Concrete  Leaf  Stepping Stones

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Nature provides a stunning variety of shapes, patterns, and textures that can be transferred onto some beautiful concrete stepping stones. The beauty of these DIY cast concrete leaf stepping stones is that they will seamlessly blend in with its surroundings, while installing a bit of your own personality to the garden.

Heart Brick and Concrete Walking Path

Heart Brick and Concrete Walking Path

Found on Pinterest

Blend some traditional brick pavers with some custom poured, carved, and painted cement stepping stones to create this lovely (pun intended) and welcoming walking path.

DIY Concrete Block Bench Seat

DIY Concrete Block Bench Seat


This DIY concrete bench is perfect for adding some additional seating to your backyard as well as providing a sturdy place to store garden tools and accessories.

You can even make your own pillows, if you want to be a DIY purest!

DIY Tile Yard Art

DIY Garden Projects | Tile Yard Art

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Create your own functional and colorful garden accents using some old, random tiles. These lively accents can be used as tables, plant stands and more!

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

DIY Garden Projects |  Vertical Succulent Garden


This is not our first Succulent Garden entry in our list of DIY Backyard Ideas, and it probably won’t be our last.  I like the simplicity of these, as well as the contrast of the two darkly stained versions on either side of a crisply-painted white planter box. 

DIY River Rock Patio Stone

DIY River Rock Mosaic

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If you have the time and the patience (this is NOT a quick and easy DIY), you can turn some lovely flat river rocks into a delightful outdoor path accent.

This DIY backyard project will probably take a full weekend, maybe even a long weekend, but it’s well worth the effort for this unique and wonderful accent.

DIY Garden Mosaics

  • DIY Mosaic Plant Pots from Broken China
  • DIY Ladybug Mosaic Garden Stones
  • DIY Mosaic Bird House
  • DIY Mosaic Garden Columns
  • DIY Mosaic Garden Wall
  • DIY Mosaic Mushrooms Toadstools
  • DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones from Old Tiles
  • DIY Mosaic Walkway
  • DIY Tire Rim Mosaic Planter
  • DIY Tree Stump Tile Mosiac Stools
  • Carnaval Mosaic Panels
  • Mosaic Garden Path
  • Mosaic Glass Sign
  • DIY Garden Mosaic Hopscotch

DIY Garden mosaics are a lovely way to put your own personal stamp on your backyard. They can be painstaking and time consuming, but the end results are almost always worth the effort!

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DIY Square Fire Pit Table

DIY Garden Projects & Ideas | Square Fire Pit Table

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This attractive version of a versatile fire pit table combines the beautify of an outdoor fire pit with the convenience of a patio table where you can place your hot cocoa or adult beverage.

DIY Butterfly Stepping Stones

DIY Garden Projects & Ideas |  Butterfly Stepping Stones

Found on Pinterest

These lovely butterfly shaped DIY garden stepping stones make a unique and personalized accent to the garden. This fun craft project for the backyard is one of the DIY Backyard Ideas that the entire family can get involved in finding, painting and placing the stones.

DIY Footprint Garden Stones

DIY Garden Projects & Ideas |  Footprint Garden Stones

This cute DIY Garden project will likely take more time finding the right stones than it will to create these delightful little garden accents.

You’ll need 1 large, flat, smooth stone as well as 5 smaller stones of varying sizes to create the toes.

Enough DIY Backyard Ideas to Keep You Busy!

We hope you have enjoyed this collection of fantastic DIY Backyard Ideas.

How some new ideas, or did you try one of the ideas from this list? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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