Creating a Sunny Yellow Summertime Kitchen

Creating a Sunny Summertime Yellow Kitchen

When choosing a color and overall scheme for your kitchen decor, a colorful, bright, and cheerful look often works best. This style of decorating can be especially fun and refreshing during the summer season. Add a touch of sunny yellow to your kitchen to give it new life and prepare it for summertime fun.

Choosing a Shade of Yellow

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

One of the great things about yellow is that there are so many different variations in shades, each of which can give a room a different look and feel.

When choosing a shade of yellow for your kitchen, you can choose from “barely there”yellow shades that offer a nice neutral backdrop for your other kitchen decorating touches, or go bold with a bright and sunny yellow for added visual appeal.

A soft butter yellow often works especially well in the kitchen. This shade can work well with many different decorating styles, including shabby chic, French country, and rustic kitchen decorating styles.

The color is bright and cheerful, but is still light enough to serve as a good backdrop for your other kitchen decorating features. Modern shades in the yellow family include chamois, which often looks great when combined with dark wood cabinets.

Interesting Ways to Use Yellow in the Kitchen

Decorating a Yellow Kitchen

Although many people automatically think of wall color when they think of adding some extra color into the kitchen. But the walls aren’t the only kitchen surface that can benefit from this lively color.

If you have kitchen cabinets that are becoming a bit dingy or are too dark to work well with your modern kitchen style, consider painting them a sunny shade of yellow to give them new life. Using yellow tile in the kitchen is also a great idea to add visual appeal.

You can add a yellow ceramic or glass tile backsplash to your countertop and sink area to really brighten things up. Tile also can be used to create a customized and attractive countertop surface. You can even use it on the floor through floor tiles or an area rug.

Ceramic floor tiles in a soft off-yellow shade will blend well with many kitchen decorating styles. Or, create a fun and lively “retro” look in the kitchen by using a combination of yellow and white floor tiles in a checkerboard pattern.

Or consider mixing and matching cupboard door colors to create a visually interesting space that harmonizes with the rest of the decor.

Here is one example of a bright and lively yellow and blue kitchen that is incredibly inviting.

  • Yellow and Blue Kitchen Decor
  • Yellow and Blue Kitchen Decor
  • Yellow and Blue Kitchen Decor
  • Yellow and Blue Kitchen Decor

Using yellow instead of the traditional black color still retains the retro look and feel, but adds a softer look that is often more attractive.

Yellow also works beautify when trying to infuse a bit of country charm into the home. Take for example, this lovely and warm kitchen that features rich & warm sunny walls.

  • Yellow Country Kitchen Decor
  • Yellow Country Kitchen Decor
  • Yellow Country Kitchen Decor

Accessorize with Yellow

Yellow Kitchen Decor Accessories

Yellow is also a great color to use when accessorizing as well. Add a new set of matching towels and potholders, or combine yellow curtain toppers with white mini-blinds to combine versatility and style.

If you have a country-styled kitchen, yellow and white checked gingham can be used very effectively as part of your decorating scheme, either for curtains or a welcoming tablecloth. Adding decorative yellow glassware or dishes to your kitchen is also a way of adding a coordinated look.

To add the final touch, a vase of yellow daffodils, tulips or other flowers can brighten your cooking space.

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