Coffee Table Trunk Picks

Coffee Table Trunks – Our Top Picks

One of the best things about coffee table trunks is their ability to combine the functionality of a coffee table with the convenience of a storage trunk, often in a uniquely beautiful way.

Sizes, styles, and designs can range from those that take their design influence from traditional steamer trunks or hope chests, to more unique twists on the typical coffee table trunk that go fully rustic or fully modern.

Hammary Mercantile Rectangular Storage Cocktail Table Trunk

Image: Hammary Mercantile Rectangular Storage Cocktail Table Trunk

The major difference between a coffee table trunk and a true, typical storage trunk is that coffee table trunks have a flat surface on top to hold typical coffee table items, such as (as a wild and crazy example) a cup of coffee.  They also tend to be slightly thinner, because your traditional storage chest can be a bit bulky to place in today’s living rooms.

However, coffee table trunks also have their drawbacks, including the need to clear the coffee table top any time you need to access anything stored inside the trunk part.  This can be a bit of a pain, especially if you have something stored inside that you need to access any time company is over.

However, the design and function of coffee table trunks usually outweighs the concessional “Oh, Dang It!!!” moment when you realize that what you need to get is buried under the cups of coffee and the snacks that you have just served. Plus, some of the designs have thought that through and have the store bin(s) accessible without having to lift the top of the coffee table.

Uttermost Ardusin Wooden Hobby Coffee Table Storage Trunk

Image: Uttermost Ardusin Wooden Hobby Coffee Table Storage Trunk

For those looking for a beautiful coffee table trunk, here are over 100 of our top picks from a variety of manufactures and retailers.  Browse through and use the “Unlock Current Deal” button to find out more details, including the current price.

These awesome coffee table trunks are just a small part of Art & Home’s Fine Furniture collection. We’ve searched through some of today’s leading manufactures and retailers of beautiful and unique coffee table trunks to bring together what we think is a truly amazing collection.

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We hope you find just the right piece to finish off your home’s decor!

We truly hope you enjoyed checking out this selection of coffee table trunks as much as we enjoyed pulling it together.  

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