40+ Stunning Christmas Chandeliers

Simple Red & Gold Christmas Ornaments Chandelier

Simple Red & Gold Christmas Ornaments Chandelier

A mix of Red & Gold Christmas ornaments are suspended by green ribbon.  So easy. So effective. So quaint.

Christmas Berries & Bows Hanging Light

Christmas Berries & Bows Chandelier

Berries are a fairly common theme for adding some holiday decor to your light fixture, and this is no exception.

Charming Country Christmas Hanging Light

Charming Country Christmas Chandelier

A charming mix of garland, red jingle bells, red & green plaid bows, and hand-painted red polka-dot shades at a touch of Christmas charm to this light fixture.

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Elegant & Charming Christmas Chandeliers

Elegant & Charming Christmas Garland & Ornaments Chandeliers

A pair of elegant chandeliers are given a festive update through the clever use of garland and red Christmas ornaments. Side Note:  Love the birch bark vases!

A Berry Merry Christmas Chandelier

Rustic Red Christmas Berry Chandelier

The glass holly berries add a subtle but delightful touch of seasonal decor to this rustic chandelier.

Frosted Pinecone Chandelier

Frosted Christmas Pinecone Chandelier

As you can see from this lovely Christmas Chandelier, it does not take a lot to give your everyday light fixture a Christmas makeover.

Pinecones & Gingerbread Christmas Chandelier

Christmas Pinecones & Gingerbread Chandelier

As an aromatic choice, a pinecone wreath and fresh baked Gingerbread cookies creates a Christmas chandelier that smells as good as it looks…. and is edible (parts of it) when the season is over.

Christmas Treats Decorated Chandelier

Christmas Treats Decorated Chandelier

This decorated Christmas Chandelier from Between Naps on the Porch looks good enough to eat!

Pretty in Pink Christmas Chandelier

Pretty in Pink Christmas Ribbons & Ornaments Chandelier

Sheer pink ribbons and various shades of Pink Christmas ornaments are used to create a dramatic display above the dining table.

Rustic Christmas Candelabra

Rustic Christmas Candelabra

Perfect for the country Christmas table.

French Country Abundance Christmas Chandelier

French Country Abundance Christmas Decorated Chandelier

A mix of greenery at the top of the chandelier creates a wonderfully spray from which delicate glass snowflakes & icicles are suspended.  The entire grand French Country decoration is perfect for an elegant Christmas dinner.

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