Personalized Crocks Make a Unique Decor Accent

Personalized Crocks Make a Unique Decor Accent With Loads of Country Charm

Add a distinctive country touch to any home with these personalized ceramic crocks. These 2 Gallon handcrafted ceramic crocks come in several different designs to suit your personal style and decor needs.

Country Crocks have a long and varied history.  From Colonial times until the mid 1900′s American potters produced these crocks primarily for utilitarian purposes, to store food (such as butter, flour, pickles, etc.) and beverages.

This tradition continues today, but crocks have now become more and more of a decor accent and have left behind many of the utilitarian purposes.

Art & Home is pleased to launch a complete collection of personalized ceramic crocks, now available for purchase.

Use Them Outdoors!

Use them in the garden as planters and customize with either your address, a general “Welcome To Our Home” message, or use one of the “Established” crocks to celebrate the anniversary of when you or someone you love created a loving home. They are great for entryways or path markers to welcome your guests.

Use Them Indoors!

Indoors, these personalized crocks are really handy in the kitchen to store kitchen utensils and other items or add some ice to create a unique, personalized cooler to help you celebrate special occasions.  You can also place them on the hearth to hold kindling.  There are so many practical uses of these stunning crocks, it wouldn’t be possible to list them all!

Indoors, you can use the personalization space to create something very special, the options are practically endless (well, within the confines of the personalization space offered).

Create a Unique Holiday Display!

Create a stunning Christmas decoration with the Happy Holidays version of the ceramic crock.  Complete with a bow of Holly, and room for 1 line of personalized text, this unique centerpiece will sit nicely on the fireplace hearth, the kitchen counter or table, entryway… anywhere you would like.

Personalized Holiday Ceramic Crocks

Give them as Unique Personalized Gifts!

Perfect as a housewarming present, or to celebrate a wedding or anniversary, these crocks will be a treasured gift for years to come.  Far from your ordinary gift, these pieces create a unique, warm charm that hearkens back to older, simpler times.

The possibilities with these charming ceramic crocks are practically endless.  One thing you can’t use them for… cooking.  Don’t try to cook anything in these crocks, that would not be a good idea at all.

Browse all personalized ceramic crocks, now available.

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