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The Subtle Grandeur of Carol Benson-Cobb Art

American abstract artist Carol Benson-Cobb is best known for her soothing abstract paintings and coordinating textile designs.  A self-taught artist, Benson-Cobb has been maturing her unique, artistic style since she was a young child growing up in Northern Texas.  

I wanted to be an artist, but I had no idea how you made a living at it.

Carol Benson-Cobb

The Layered Intricacy of Carol Benson-Cobb Art

Despite what others may see as simplicity, her intricately layered artworks offer an intrinsic sense of depth and movement.

Her personal influences can be felt in almost every piece, but there seems to be common sense of the Arizona landscape from your young adult life, and her early years as a mother, that have become the prevailing inspiration.

You can almost feel the sweeping Arizona terrain in each of her pieces, as if you are experiencing them from the passenger side of a fast-moving vehicle.

My studio was on the edge of a canyon on a 365-acre ranch. It became my inspiration.

Carol Benson-Cobb

The Early Days of the Artist

Benson-Cobb was born in Dallas and grew up in a small community in North-Texas.

After an accidental exposure to the arts during a trip to California, she became enthralled with the artistic process and – eventually – turned it into a career. Her early years as an artist consisted largely of creating custom pieces for interior designers looking for something specific for their clients.  Demand grew, as did her love of abstract artwork.

Abstract art literally changes the tone of a space in a way that other art doesn’t. 

Carol Benson-Cobb
Dune Driftwood Framed Canvas by Carol Benson-Cobb

Image: Dune Driftwood Framed Canvas by Carol Benson-Cobb

Benson-Cobb as a Maturing Artist

Slowly, over the course of a decade, her talent and business grew into the artist – and the artistic powerhouse – she is today.

The demand for her artwork grew so much that she knew there was no way she would be able to paint every piece of art herself. However, not trusting anyone else to reproduce her works, Benson-Cobb launched her own gallery-quality art print line in 2012.  This was no small feat, as she had to purchase a large-scale printer and after spend the time and the energy mastering the print production process.

But when you have a vision that you want fully realized, the effort becomes a labor of love.  

No one was doing it on the level I wanted, So I did it myself.

Carol Benson-Cobb
Coastal Landscape Framed Canvas by Carol Benson-Cobb

Image: Coastal Landscape Framed Canvas Art

Her Artistic Career Takes Off

At the pinnacle (so far) of her career, several top retailers approached her about creating custom collections, which she has done. She has also issued limited edition reproductions of original pieces for such retailers as Neiman Marcus and Williams Sonoma Home

Today, although she still loves the intrinsic beauty of abstract art, but now she often turns her artist eye toward creating unique pieces of interior decor and furnishings, many of which are inspired by or feature one of her original artistic creations.

Carol Benson-Cobb Slated Abstract Art Steel Base Four Door Credenza

Image: Slated Abstract Art Steel Base Four Door Credenza

Capitalizing on brand partnerships and licensing opportunities, some of her abstract artworks and unique textile designs can now be seen as beautiful pieces of furniture, hand-knotted rugs, wallcoverings, and more.  

These beautiful pieces provide unique ways and unique surfaces to both display and enjoy her unique works of art.

In the end, Benson-Cobb’s take on art can apply to almost everything in home or even in life.

Change the colors, the scale or the frame, and it changes the mood.

Carol Benson-Cobb

MAIN PHOTO CREDIT:  Chet Photography.

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