Bold Red Area Rugs

Make a Bold Statement with Red Area Rugs

Red is the color of passion, fire, and excitement. That’s part of the reason why adding bold red area rugs to your home’s decor can make such a dramatic and bold statement.

Although you can certainly find traditional red area rugs (see below for some examples), the boldest of these red decor statements tend to happen with contemporary area rugs.  The combination of the rich, bold red colors and abstract designs can create something striking and amazing.

We’ve pulled a few samples from the Art & Home Area Rug collection to show you just how wonderful contemporary red area rugs can be.

Red Contemporary Area Rugs

Make a Bold Statement with Red Area Rugs

The Traditional Option

However, if modern or contemporary is not your decor style, there are a wide range of traditional area rugs that utilize this strong color as a central theme in their design.

Traditional Red Area Rugs

As you can see, red is still – very much – an option for those with a traditional or classic decor style, although traditional area rugs tend to use a deeper, richer, warmer version of red in their creations… often bordered by another color to create a frame around the red center.

Many Persian, Turkish, and Indian rugs use Red as the central color theme, often complimented by gold or black coordinating patterns.

These bold red area rugs are only a small part of Art & Home’s curated Area Rugs collection. We’ve searched through some of today’s leading manufactures and retailers of area rugs to bring together this wonderful collection.

We hope you enjoyed browsing this collection of bold red area rugs as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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