Bold Modern Rugs That Create Visual Impact

Bold Modern Rugs That Create Visual Impact

If you need something to make a statement in your home, one of these bold modern rugs will do just that. The combination of vibrant colors, extraordinary designs, and quality craftsmanship bring to life some of the most amazing rugs I have ever seen.

When you think modern rugs, you may limit that concept to big, swirly designs or sharp geometric patterns… but that isn’t always the case. To classify as a modern rug, these designs simply need to use the combination of colors, patterns, and craftsmanship to create something that has significant visual impact.

Bold Modern Rugs: Modern Black Circles Area Rug

IMAGE: Modern Black Circles Area Rug

These modern rugs have an absolute wow factor that is undeniable.

Modern Rugs Don’t Always Rely on Color

It’s true that many modern rugs utilize stark color contrasts, such as Red, Black, and White to create the visual drama. And it is true that Bold Red Rugs tend to create a visual interest just by the use of that rich and vibrant color.

But that’s not always the case. Modern rugs can also use a dramatic mix of colors, including softer pastels. It’s more in the way that they use the colors than which colors they chose.

Bold Modern Rugs: Ebern Designs | Delma Ivory/Blue Contemporary Area Rug

IMAGE: Ebern Designs | Delma Ivory/Blue Contemporary Area Rug

Some modern rugs don’t even rely on strong or intense color choices at all.  Many of today’s modern rugs use a muted color palette, but are still able to create an incredible focal point because of their designs. Even those that go completely gray scale can still have a significant impact on the design of a room if the pattern creates enough visual interest.

Bold Modern Rugs: Pavo 8 x 10 Area Rug in Gray

IMAGE: Pavo 8 x 10 Area Rug in Gray (SOLD OUT)

Modern Rug Patterns

Many modern rugs rely on abstract or geometric patterns to bring their designs to life. However, purely geometric designs often have more of a Mid-Century Modern appeal to them.

Bold Modern Rugs: Herring Mid-Century Modern Violet Geometric Contemporary Area Rug

IMAGE: Ebern Designs | Herring Mid-Century Modern Geometric Contemporary Area Rug

Whereas abstract designs can create something completely fresh and new.

Bold Modern Rugs: Kaia Blue Area Rug

IMAGE: Wade Logan | Kaia Blue Area Rug

But that is more of a guideline than a rule. For example, this modern floral rug is quite stunning and completely bucks the “abstract” or “geometric” qualifications one would normally set for a Modern Rug.

Bold Modern Rugs: Latitude Run | Chiara Red / Gold Rug

IMAGE: Latitude Run | Chiara Red / Gold Rug

I also love how today’s modern rugs are taking what may have been considered traditional motifs and turning them on their heads to create something truly unique.

Bold Modern Rugs: Kyler Orange/Blue Contemporary Area Rug

IMAGE: Bungalow Rose | Kyler Orange/Blue Contemporary Area Rug

Some Modern Rugs for You

In this collection, you’ll find a variety of modern rug options including all the variations mentioned above.

It took many hours going through the modern rugs available from some of today’s top retailers and manufacturers of area rugs to pull together this incredible collection. But don’t get me wrong, it was a labor of love because some of these modern rugs are truly spectacular.

Bold Modern Area Rugs You’re Sure to Love

The above is just a small sampling of the complete Contemporary & Modern Rugs collection at Art & Home. I’ve chosen to highlight these pieces because of their unique designs, colors, or just because I thought they were beautiful to look at.

Bold Modern Rugs: Brinegar Black Contemporary Area Rug

IMAGE: Ebern Designs | Brinegar Black Contemporary Area Rug

Whichever design, color, or style you chose. If you pick one of the featured items above, or from the complete Area Rug collection. We hope you will find the perfect piece to create that stunning look in your home.

We hope you have enjoyed browsing this curated collection of modern rugs as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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