Culinary Creature Kitchen Wall Clocks

Adorable Culinary Creature Kitchen Wall Clocks

I simply adore these wall clocks.  These Culinary Creature kitchen wall clocks are masterfully handcrafted using an eclectic blend of reclaimed forks, knives, jar lids, spatulas and many other wonderful culinary objects.

The designs are simply wonderful and you can’t deny how extraordinarily cute they are!

These delightful wall clocks would make an exceptional & unique addition to your own kitchen decor, or they could become a very distinctive gift idea! Perhaps both!

From the Peculiar Penguin to the Blue Monkey to the Big Head Bear, the designs are as eclectic as the range of reclaimed pieces used to create them.

Each of these Culinary Creature Kitchen Wall Clocks is individually artist-crafted in Massachusetts.

The only downside of these magical pieces is that – because they are handcrafted – they tend to sell out quickly, and the same design does not necessarily return.

Here are the Culinary Creature designs available as of the time of this post — but I provide no guarantees that they’re still going to be available tomorrow. In fact, chances are that at least one of these designs has already sold out by the time you’re reading this article!

Culinary Creature Kitchen Wall Clocks

What’s Next for Culinary Creature Kitchen Wall Clocks?

We have no idea…. but we truly hope that this talented and imaginative artist continues to create new and unique Culinary Creature designs.  These pieces are so adorable, so unique, and so wonderful that we can only hope that we’ll see dozens and dozens of new and unique designs come to life as unique kitchen wall clocks.


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