Decorative House Number Plaque

Address Your Style with Decorative House Numbers

Even if you’ve never thought about it, your house number sign is – in fact – one of the first impressions new visitors get of you and your home.

There are many practical reasons why houses have numbers. At its simplest, a home’s address lets people find you. Those people can include, among others, the pizza delivery person, couriers delivering important purchases, emergency vehicles, and first-time guests.

In fact, when it comes to emergency vehicles, many by-laws include minimum standards for house numbers so that they can be easily viewed and a house can be quickly located in case of an emergency.

But let’s face it… meeting the practical purposes of having a house number can be accomplished in many very inexpensive ways, from hand-made and laminated signs to peel-and-stick numbers purchased from the local hardware store.

However, what many people don’t think about is the fact that one of the very first things almost everybody visiting your home looks at FIRST… is your house number.

Here’s a perfect example of a “functional” presentation of house numbers.

Ugly House Numbers

These numbers, haphazardly plastered – and not very well – to the side of a mailbox may perform the intended function, but do they give off the right message to a casual visitor?

Keep in mind that post people actually have to look at this before they even enter your home for the first time (sometimes just to make sure they they have the right house).  Is the above the impression you want to give.

Alternatively, a small investment in a properly crafted house number plaque can give you a complete different first impression….

Decorative House Number Plaques

Or, if you have the yard space to support it, go Lawn Stake instead:

Decorative House Number Plaques

In the end, and on the street, a well crafted and thoughtfully designed address plaque can make a statement about your home, and can enhance it’s curb appeal for much less than you might thing.

After all – as with many things – it’s not just about WHAT you say… it’s HOW you say it.

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