Add one element of surprise in each room

Add One Element of Surprise in Each Room

By adding a small surprise in the room – something that shouldn’t belong but adds a touch of shock value or whimsy – you can take a room from beautiful to breathtaking.

Have you ever walked into a stunningly decorated room, but had the feeling that everything was just a little too perfect? Like it was designed to be part of a generic show home instead of place that was lived in and loved?

That can be the danger of perfect design. It looks great, but lacks those unique and interesting touches that give a room personality.

It’s those touches, those elements of surprise, the people notice… even if they don’t realize that they are noticing.

A rustic bench, featuring a variety of multicolored pillows that remind me of the icing on a festive birthday cake, creates a unique and wonderful seating area that is especially welcoming in an otherwise earth-toned hallway.

Rustic Bench with Pillows

A delightfully colorful and whimsical piece of artwork can really pop against the wall and the natural, wood-grain furniture in the room. I also love how they added the owl figurines and the small bouquet of yellow flowers, both of which really draw out the primary colors in the painting.

Image: 27 Birds Painting Print on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

A tremendous spray of artificial flowers creates a bold focal point in this stunning master bathroom.

Large Bathroom Vase

This delightful yellow chaise lounge creates a wonderful pop of color in an otherwise monochrome bedroom.

Yellow Chaise Lounge Color Pop

This delightfully rustic windmill wall clock brings an element of the outdoors into the home. Perfect for creating a surprising element of rustic decor inside a farmhouse-style home.

Image: Metal Windmill Wall Clock

A unique pop of floral color transforms this dining room from ordinary to extraordinary. What I love about this particular arrangement is that the color of the flowers can easily be changed up for different occasions, or if you simply felt like something new and fresh. Make them orange when it’s time to add some Halloween decor. Silver and blue, or traditional red & green) would work beautifully around Christmas. However, I do love this rich indigo color, especially how it coordinates with the oversize vase in the corner.

Floral Arrangements Pop of Color

Whatever way you decide to create that surprise is up to you. An over-sized clock. A unique lamp. A stunning, but unexpected piece of furniture.  Or a striking piece of canvas wall art. Any of these (and a whole lot more) can help add a sense of surprise into a room. 

Or, the surprise can be a break in color… adding something bold to an otherwise neutral room… or a break in style… adding an antique accent into an otherwise contemporary setting.

The options are practically endless, because one of the great things about adding a surprise to a room is that – in this particular case – nearly all of the home decor and interior design rules were made to be broken!

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