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2019 Spring Garden Roundup

As we head full-speed ahead into the 2019 gardening season, we thought it might be helpful to roundup some great Gardening Tips & Ideas that you can put to use in your garden.

Working with some of my favorite bloggers, we’ve created a unique garden roundup, which includes some fun and educational garden tours.

From DIY hacks to make your gardening easier, to unique lighting ideas that provide summer decor inspiration, we hope you will find these tips handy as you get your own Green Thumb out of winter storage.

So Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy These Beautiful Garden Tips & Ideas

This is just a taste of what you’ll find in this Garden Tour Roundup. Be sure to click through to see more from each of these delightful bloggers.

Garden Trellis and Solar Lanterns

Garden Trellis and Solar Lanterns | Gardening Idea

Source: Kippi at Home

This beautiful DIY privacy fence glows beautifully at night thanks to some lovely DIY solar lights. The entire DIY Garden Screen project is easier than it looks and creates a beautiful backdrop for your garden.

DIY Outdoor Orb Light

DIY Outdoor Orb Light | Gardening How To

Source: Just That Perfect Piece

All you need are some embroidery hoop, spray paint, solar lights, steel wire, metal chain, and a hot glue gun to create these adorable DIY Outdoor Orb Lights.

Cool Outdoor Fire Pits that Will Make a Statement in Your Yard

Fancy Flames Woodland Wood Burning Fire Pit

Does anything scream “It’s Summer!!!” quite like a beautiful campfire??? I didn’t think so. Combine the beauty of fire with some exceptionally designed and crafted wood-burning fire pits and you get functional art for your back yard.

DIY Farmhouse Terra Cotta Herb Garden

DIY Farmhouse Terra Cotta Herb Garden

Source: Just the Perfect Piece

All you need is a few Terra Cotta pots, some chalk paint & sealer, some robe or ribbons to decorate, a letter stencil (or a very steady hand) and your own choice of decorative attachments (although the Bees ARE adorable) and you too can have a quaint and practical herb garden made from plain old pots.

DIY Milk Jug Irrigation System

DIY Milk Jug Irrigation System

Source: SchneiderPeeps.com

If you struggle trying to keep your plants watered, the DIY Milk Jug Irrigation System is a quick and easy hack to provide a continual watering flow deep to the plant roots.

Simply poke holes in a milk jug and bury them with the open lid just above the ground. When you water, fill up the jugs with a hose, and the water will slowly drip out, giving the plants get a deep drink.

Not-Ugly Outdoor Composters for Your Back Yard

Not-Ugly Outdoor Composters

If you like the idea of composting but you do not like the idea of those unattractive compost bins, here’s a collection of not-ugly outdoor composters that you can buy or build yourself.

DIY Farmhouse Barn Wood Bench Tutorial

DIY Farmhouse Barn Wood Bench Tutorial | Gardening How To

Source: The Old Summers Home

This DIY farmhouse bench is perfect in the backyard, and the entire project can completed in about 20 minutes.

All you need are a few planks of barn wood, a drill and a saw, plus a few screws to create this sturdy piece that you can enjoy in your garden. Check out the DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial to find out how to make your very own.

Beach Cottage Garden Tour

Beach Cottage Garden Tour

Source: Mama Dares to DIY

A fun tutorial on how you can make your own DIY concrete Garden Rocks, which are an exceptional part of this stunning natural Beach Cottage Garden. Follow along and see the amazing transformation from bare & boring yard to beautiful.

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14 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Yard & Garden | Gardening Tip

Don’t toss those coffee grounds, here are 14 different ways you can use coffee grounds in your garden that will help your garden & the planet.

Create Your Own DIY Decorative Planters

Create Your Own DIY Decorative Planters Gardening Tip

Source: Create and Find

Planters are a quick and easy way to add a splash of color to the deck, yard, or patio, but some garden centers charge an arm and a leg for ready-made planters. Instead, these affordable DIY decorative planters from Create and Find can be created in less than an hour and cost much less than buying new.

DIY Galvanized Bucket Herb Garden Planter

DIY Galvanized Bucket Herb Garden Planter

Source: Our Crafty Mom

A quick and easy way to turn an old galvanized metal bucket into an attractive and functional herb garden. So quick, so easy, so pretty!

Best part is, if you want you can bring this herb garden indoors during the cooler months!

The One Woman Garden Makeover

One Woman Garden Makeover

Source: Made by Barb

How one woman transformed a yard from boring to brilliant, without breaking her back or the bank.

DIY Graden Planter Makeover

DIY Graden Planter Makeover

Source: Redneck Rhapsody

Take those old planters and make them beautiful again with some tips and tricks on creating your own DIY Backyard Planter Makeover on old planter pots. Take a look at some old pots that get a new life with a fresh coat of paint even a beautiful water fountain made out of an old planter.

How to Build a Pond Easily, Cheaply and Beautifully

How to Build a Pond Easily, Cheaply and Beautifully

Source: The Garden Glove

Some tips and ideas on easy ways to build a pond to create a water feature in your yard, plus some pointers on pond maintenance to keep your pond beautiful all summer long.

A Summer Flower Garden Tour

Summer Flower Garden Tour

Source: Sustain My Cooking Habit

Take a delightful tour through a beautiful summer flower garden, and see some incredible blooms and get some top tips for maintain striking flowers all through the summer.

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2019 Spring Garden Roundup | Gardening Tips & Ideas

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